MoP Beta – The Jade Forest Preview


We are allowed to enter Pandaria officially now and start questing to level 90. Here is what we could see while questing in Mists of Pandaria.

I’m sure that there will be an event before departing to Pandaria, but for now there is a friendly Pandaren that will teleport us to Pandaria, The Jade Forest.

Even though he can take us to two different locations, only one of the two locations has quests for us. More quests become available by following the main quest chain. This is pretty similar to the start of Northrend questing.

To reach level 86 you’ll need exactly 10mil experience and 11.6mil experience for level 87, but there currently is a level cap at level 86. Anyhow, without the resting bonus you’ll hit level 86 way before finishing all the quests in this area.

There is nothing “special” about these quests. Most of the quests are similar to what you are already used to. The nice part about questing is that Blizzard introduced a few more icons to help you out. Now every NPC you have to talk to will have a neat orange chat-bubble icon above them and some items that you can interact with have a set of orange cogs on them. These new icons are also visible and trackable on the minimap.

Another interesting thing is that if you run out of quests in your quest log, the map will guide you to another quest hub. I’m sure those who want to complete all the quests in some area will find this pretty useful.

I heard others say that there is no phasing in the new areas of MoP. Well, they were wrong. It is true that there are no big changes (not yet anyway) but there are some areas where you’ll notice the phasing in this environment too.

The environment is totally different and most of the mobs you encounter are new. Here you’ll meet the first faction too: Glassfin Jinyu. They are some fish-men-like creatures and by questing you’ll be able to build up reputation with them. Yet, I don’t really see the point of reputation because after about 10-20 quests you are fully exalted with them. Maybe this will change in the future. We never know.

You’ll meet a famous character while questing: Prince Anduin. At least the Alliance will meet him. I wonder who’s the Horde players meet?

Of course here in Jade Forest you’ll see the first Pandarens, and you’ll quickly learn that some of them can be pretty evil. The friendly Pandarens will teach you to meditate and they will ask you to help them with some of their problems. Whatever you are doing, all the quests are going to get you closed to the Pandareans monastery. You'll have a lot of tasks to complete there… but I won't spoil your fun 😉

Also, while this is not available yet, it is clear that you’ll get your first Pandaren mount here: The Wind Serpent. You’ll have to raise it from an egg, train it and learn to fly on it.

I remember reading about the lack of potion drops in Cataclysm… Unfortunately it’s the same for MoP too. I haven’t seen a potion drop from any mob I killed. Maybe this is going to be fixed in the future, but for now this is how it is. As far as I could see the new cloth, Windwool Cloth, is dropping a bit more compared to Cataclysm.

I took some screenshots and made a short video of the area. I hope you’ll enjoy them and, like always, if you have any questions or if you want to express your opinion about this article, leave your comments below.

tn_gallery_2_12_175699.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_165625.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_32706.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_545877.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_543856.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_15708.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_575213.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_275592.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_103140.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_337208.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_54027.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_6335.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_150221.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_248794.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_290472.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_466851.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_204085.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_333798.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_85939.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_283739.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_206782.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_236370.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_244335.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_136947.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_217521.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_458287.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_220831.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_289983.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_174990.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_98283.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_413891.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_197790.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_221896.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_300551.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_146944.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_94638.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_525732.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_420889.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_353082.jpg tn_gallery_2_12_419202.jpg

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  • Zaknafein

    Quite intresting area for starters… Also did you met any World Boss there so far?

  • Loky

    Nope. I saw no World Bosses yet.

  • Zaknafein
    'Lucifer' wrote:

    Nope. I saw no World Bosses yet.

    Make sure you screenshot someone! I am not sure if they are added though but people claim they found some ^_^

  • kogs

    I love how this area looks like.

    I'm afraid it will become my new favorite area after Nagrand, but I should wait to see the other ones first. Please make a video for every single one 😀