MoP Factions: Quick preview and Quartemasters location

The Mists of Pandaria factions are pretty different among them and among the ones we saw in WotLK and Cata. I think this means more work for the Reputation Calculator but also more fun in-game.

Even though most of them still have a tabard, this wont help you to gain reputation with them while you running dungeons. Instead most of the factions have a lot of daily quests (the 25 daily quest limit was removed) and they also have some interesting rewards now. Some of those rewards are available for gold and others for Valor Points.

It will take more time to get exalted with every single one of them, and getting exalted is not the end of it anymore. Some of the factions have special members that also have a friendship bar, and becoming Best Friends with them will also take time and a bit of farming. We will talk more about friendship in a future article.

Now let's take a look at the Mists of Pandaria factions and learn a little bit about them, their location, the ways to increase reputation with them and the location of their quartermasters.

[h]Forest Hozen[/h]

This faction is only available to Horde players. They are a tribe of monkey-like beings, sworn enemies of Pearlfin Jinyu.

They are located in the Jade Forest, and you'll meet them at level 85.

At the moment, you'll reach exalted level with them before you know it, but I’m pretty sure this will change. We will update this as soon as we see any changes.

At the moment there is no quartermaster for this faction and no rewards. Maybe this will change in some future build.

[h]Golden Lotus[/h]

The Golden Lotus is a mysterious Pandaren society, struggling to find a solution for the Mogu and Mantid threat.

They are located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and you'll interact with them when you near level 90.

There are a lot of daily quests (~50 daily quests), most of them rewarding about 100 reputation points.

The Golden Lotus quartermaster is Jaluu the Generous and is located at (73,42), in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

You can see their rewards listed here.

[h]Order of the Cloud Serpent[/h]

They look after the Cloud Serpents and if you gain their trust they will teach you how to train your own cloud serpent. This is going to be your main reward for raising your reputation, your own flying cloud serpent.

They are located in the Jade Forest, but your cloud serpent daily quests only become available at level 90.You'll have about 30 daily quests for this faction and you'll be rewarded with 450 reputation from most of them. It was told at Blizzcon 2011 that it will take a while to obtain that mount, a few weeks, but in Beta everything seems to have been speeded up currently. We will update this info as soon as we see any changes.

Their quartermaster is San Redscale, located at (56,44), in the Jade Forest.

[h]Pearlfin Jinyu[/h]

They are some of the older inhabitants of Pandaria, fish-like creatures, and at the moment they are in a conflict with the Forest Hozen. This faction is only available to Alliance players.

They are located in the Jade Forest, and you'll meet them at level 85.Currently, you'll reach exalted level with them very fast, but again I’m sure this will change in the future. We will update this as soon as we see any changes.

At the moment there is no quartermaster for this faction and no rewards. Maybe this will change in some future build.

[h]Shang Xi's Academy[/h]

This is the faction you'll first encounter as a little pandaren on Wandering Isle. Nearly all the quests from Wandering Isle reward reputation with this faction.

There is no quartermaster and no other way to gain reputation with them. Maybe things will change or the faction will be removed. We will keep you posted with any changes.


The Shado-Pan faction is the main protector of Pandaria against the Sha. They are the experts when it comes to the Sha.

Their main forces are located in the Townlong Steepes. You'll encounter Shado-Pan around from level 86 until level 90.There are a lot of regular quests that help you gaining reputation with them, and at level 90 some daily quests will become available as well.

Their quartermaster is Rushi the Fox, located in the Townlong Steepes (48,70).

You can find the rewards of this faction listed here.

[h]Tushui / Huojin Pandaren[/h]

They are the factions you'll gain reputation with playing as a Pandaren. The Tushui Pandaren are in league with the Alliance and the Huojin Pandaren side with the Horde. We will update this as soon as we find more info on them.

[h]The Anglers[/h]

They are a group of fishermen that will teach everyone how to fish in Pandaria and they'll need your help to stop the Horzen overfishing in their area.

You can find the Anglers in the southern regions of the Krasarang Wilds. Their daily quests will become available at level 90.

The Anglers quartermaster is no other than Nat Pagle. You can find him at (68,48), in southern Krasarang Wilds.

Their rewards are listed here.

[h]The August Celestials[/h]

They are the protectors of all the Pandaren temples against the Sha, pretty similar to Shado-Pan.

You'll find their representatives around and inside the Pandarian temples. At level 90 you'll be able to complete over 30 daily quests for them.

Their quartermaster for Alliance is Sage Whiteheart, located at (84,63), in the eastern part of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

The quartermaster for Horde is Sage Lotusbloom, located at (62,23), in the western part of the same area.

The reputation based rewards are listed here.

[h]The Brewmasters[/h]

The Brewmasters are the ones responsible for the brews all around Pandaria.

You will first meet them in the Valley of the Four Winds, and if you follow the storyline there most of the quests will reward you with Brewmasters reputation. There are also a few Scenario quests that will give reputation with this faction.

Their quartermaster is Teng Thundermalt, right outside the Stormstout Brewery in the Valley of the Four Winds (36,68). This NPC only becomes available after you complete a series of quests in the area and within Stormstout Brewery.

[h]The Klaxxi[/h]

They are only a small part of the mantid population, the one untouched by the corruption. They work alongside Pandarens to restore the former glory of their queen.

You'll meet them around level 89, in the Dread Wastes, and after a short quest chain you'll get access to their daily quests once you hit level 90.

Their quartermaster is Ambersmith Zikk, located at (55,35), in the Dread Wastes.

You can find their rewards listed here.

[h]The Lorewalkers[/h]

They are the caretakers of the Pandaria Lore. If you are interested in Archeology you'll meet them for sure.

Digging all around pandaria and bringing them your findings is going to help you a lot if you want to get to exalted with them. Their rewards are small but pretty interesting, especially for the archaeologists.

Their quartermaster is Tan Shin Tiao, located at (82,29), in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

[h]The Tillers[/h]

To keep it simple, they are the farmers of Pandaria. You'll start with a quest chain and after that you'll be able to play a farming minigame. This will be explained in further detail in a future article.

Their quartermaster is Gina Mudclaw. You can find it at (53,51), in the Valley of the Four Winds.

Here you can see their rewards.

I'm pretty sure we missed something or maybe something changed since we last tested the factions. If that's the case, please leave a comment below and we will attempt to fix it as soon as possible.

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