Mounts UI in WoD Alpha


As you can see the Mounts User Interface is a bit different from the one we have in game at the moment and I’m sure this is not even it’s final form (heh).

The following are the main changes I could notice:

  • Like the Pet Journal, now we have a bit of flavor and the source of the selected mount. There are not many mounts with these details in the journal at the moment, but at least I found one to see what’s going on.
  • We now have a Summon Random Favourite Mount button as well but unfortunately we can not favourite mounts yet, but I assume that’s going to work the way it does for the Pets.
  • The Horde only / Alliance only mounts have a badge next to them and I guess we’ll be able to see them but we wont be able to use them. For some reason I couldn’t create an Alliance character to test things out.
  • The last, but not least, change to the Mounts Journal UI is the red border and the red text of the popup that tells you that you can not use that mount. As far as I could see the mounts I have for that premade character were restricted by the area I was in, but I assume we might see some mounts restricted by some achievements or reputation or anything like that.

Let me know what do you think and what would you add/change to this UI.

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