New 5.1 Factions and Reputation Changes

The 5.1 patch will bring us two more factions, and our alts reputation gains are going to be boosted. But let's go step by step and see what exactly is new.

The New Factions

Dominance Offensive (Horde faction)

After the horde forces are washed ashore on Pandaria this is where they start the warfare against alliance. Garrosh arrives to Pandaria!

They are located in Krasarang Wilds at the Domination Point and the starting quest is Meet the Scout. This quest will just pop up for your character when you first login on 5.1.

Like most of the MoP factions you'll have to complete some daily quests in order to gain reputation with them. There are a few normal quests as well and an awesome story line.

The Dominance Offensive quartermaster is Tuskripper Grukna, located at their base in Krasarang Wilds.

Like others you can access a lot of rewards based on your reputation level. The rewards list can be found here.


Operation: Shieldwall (Alliance faction)

This is the Dominance Offensive enemies. This is the alliance forces base on Pandaria. King Varian make it's appearance here, on Pandaria.

They are located in Krasarang Wilds also and their base can be found at Lion's Landing. The starting quest is Meet the Scout and like the horde one, this quest will just pop up when you first login on 5.1.

Beside normal quests you will have daily ones to help you with reputation. The story is totally different compared to Horde version and is really cool.

The Operation: Shieldwall quartermaster is Agent Malley, located at their base in Krasarang Wilds.

The rewards with this faction are listed here.


Horde vs. Alliance

We already know that the Horde vs. Alliance conflict is the main plot for this expansion. With the 5.1 patch the war is really starting and the leaders of both factions debark in Pandaria. After just 2-3 quests where you'll witness the arrival of Garrosh and Varian the entire area will go to another phase.

The entire area will become a war field and each faction has to control the resources of the area the best they can. Killing any enemy NPC in the area will reward you with a new currency, commissions. Next to the quartermasters in the area you'll find a Collector of Commissions NPC that will sell you various things to help your faction.

All this conflict that it's about to start will be pretty interesting and will develop as you go. Since the new patch is not that far I wont spoil your fun, but I will show you how the area map will look like:


Reputation Changes

Each MoP faction, starting with 5.1 has a special BoA commendation that is available to purchase at revered and will unlock the 100% reputation bonus on all your characters on that account. The nice part is that this works on opposing faction characters as well.

These are the items you can buy at revered to boos your alts reputation:

We do not know if the friendship with the Tillers merchants and the Anglers' Nat Paggle is going to be affected with these commendations, but I'm sure we will find out sooner or later.

Of course, we will update our Reputation Calculator soon after the 5.1 patch goes live.

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