A new Blizzard game?


We put together some of the facts we ran across recently and everything lead us to a believe we will hear about a new game title from Blizzard Entertainment. Of course there is nothing sure about this but we BlizzCon 2014 might be the place where we’ll hear about their new game.

Let’s see what do we know about this new game.

First of all a new Trademark was registered last month: OVER WATCH. There was nothing announced about this so far and this can be anything. It doesn’t mean this is going to be a new game, a new expansion or maybe the name of a figurine or something like that.

Last year we read about Blizzard’s Project Titan that is going back to the drawing board and is scheduled to be released only in 2016. Everyone speculated around this Titan project since forever and we only know that this is going to be some sort of new MMO, but until we’ll have an official announcement we can never be sure.

The Blizzard’s Jobs page has a lead producer position for an Unannounced Game Title, and a level designer position for the same “title”. Once again this might be something about the Project Titan or the new Over Watch trademark.

Of course anything can change and we might be very far from the real Blizzard’s plan. We might even see more than one new game or no game at all. All I can say for sure is that I really wait for the BlizzCon this year…

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