New Challenge Modes and New rewards in WoD


New dungeons and new raids were already announced for the next expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Honestly I really forgot about Challenge Modes, but a tweet from Ion Hazzikostas made me really happy.

I guess Blizzard did not expect the success of these CMs, but people are using there a lot. Some of them just want them for the achievements, others want them for the ranking and some of them made a fortune boosing other players.

Looks like new CMs and new rewards are waiting for us in WoD. That’s all we know for now, and if I remember correctly we heard nothing about CMs at BlizzCon 2013 either…

Anyhow we will have more details soon™. Who knows, maybe we’ll have CMs for older dungeons and raids as well? We never know, but until we have more info tell us what would you like from the new Challenge Modes. Would you change something? Would you like to add something to them?

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  • Zagnaphein

    I disliked the CM ideas.. The only thing i would like to see in WoD is Spectate mode if possible! i know it’s weird btu i’d love to see it!