Patch 5.2: Thunder King's Citadel scenario


The Thunder King’s Citadel is a new scenario added to the game with patch 5.2.

Compared to other scenarios this one is pretty special. Here is what make it so special:

  • It’s a solo scenario. You’ll do this one alone.
  • You need a key to enter.
  • You wont be able to queue for this and you wont see it on the scenarios list.
  • You have only 5 minutes to complete it.

The Key

As I said, you’ll need a key to enter this scenario. The key is the Key to the Palace of Lei Shen and it drops from Rare mobs that spawn all around Thunder Isle or from Trove of the Thunder King chests. Keep in mind that the key has no 100% drop.

The Objective

In 5 minutes you’ll have to collect as much treasure as possible and make itto the end. Apparently, if your time runs out you you’ll get “extracted” from there anyhow and you are left with the treasure you managed to get so far.

The scenario is filled with taps, mobs and all sort of things meant to slow you down and kill you.

All the doors are locked and you need to push some switch to open them.

The Chests

So far I could see only three type of chests.

The regular ones, filled with gold, Elder Charms of Good Fortune and Shan’ze Ritual Stones. Couldn’t see any other drops from there.

The bigger chests, blue-ish looking, but those are not very accessible and I couldn’t see what’s inside.

And the final chests. For those you’ll need some sort of keys. Most likely the keys are found inside the scenario you just finished.


This scenario is pretty special and I’m sure a lot of people will farm the chest and the rare spawns from Thunder Isle. I really have no idea how long the scenario is, but those 5 minutes, if this remains unchanged when 5.2 goes live, are not enough to see the end of it.

I managed to find two keys so far and in one of those two attempts I made a short video of it. I really think screenshots are not enough for this.

Enjoy the video and tell me your thoughts about this place.

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  • lelo

    I was able to get a key to this instance, but was a bit slow to realise on what was happening at the time. However, i was able to find out what the Blue chests give, they seem to give out motes of harmony / a type of scroll currency / gold / lesser coins and a key for the end of the instance for a final chest.

  • Loowie

    Very nice!


    I am sure ppl will die to finish this and see what lies in those chests. Also depends on how rare those mobs will be because they’ll get heavily farmed.


    anyway , me gusta!

  • skippy

    After reading this I farmed the key and actually got it very fast.


    Here is the interesting part:

    I killed a rare spawn, but someone else had the tag. Somehow I got to loot its corpse as well. I have no idea what really happen but this rocks!


    And thanks for the review. I failed to those traps so bad :(