PAX East 2014: More news about WoD


Like most of the gaming conventions, PAX East 2014 gave us a few more details about the upcoming details about Warlords of Draenor. Of course, this is where the first beta keys (to be used in the future) were handed out of course, but still, the WoD details is what we are going to focus upon this time.

The interviews were taken by: Convert to Raid, BlizzPro, and Wowinsider.


  • Beta invites are going to go out slower than MoP ones since now there is a new data format to be tested as well.
  • The game is in Alpha stage for quite some time. Now is in employees-take-home alpha, followed by friends and family invite and small amount of players to be invited.
  • There will be no Annual Pass this time.
  • There are plans to make WoW even more responsive than it is now. For example heals or shields will take effect much faster.
  • No new guild perks nor guild levels.
  • Not many changes to the new Challenge Modes nor Scenarios.
  • We should expect more blog posts with WoD details regarding professions and garrisons.
  • Side quest wont have the quest text, just the objectives. Now when you’ll see the text you know that text really matters.
  • We wont see the Diablo 3 transmog system in WoW.

BlizzCon 2014

  • There are no details about it at the moment, but we should expect something to be shared in the near future.

Level 90 boosting

  • Some Proving Ground achievements are required in order to queue the Heroic Dungeons after you boost your character.
  • Proving Ground are going to “tell you” what are you doing wrong.
  • Boosting a high level character will result in removing everything from its inventory (you’ll get is all back in an email) and cleaning your action bars.
  • The first hours of gameplay of the expansion will be the same for boosted characters as for the normal ones.


  • Durotan will give you a plot of land after you rescue members of the Frostwolf Clan. That’s where you’ll build your Garrison.
  • Followers may come from the quest givers as well, right after you complete their quests.
  • The buildings you are adding are not a permanent choice, but the decision of what to build will be a difficult one.
  • Your garrison is going to be attacked by the enemies you encounter in Draenor and your followers are the ones to protect it.


  • Secondary stats will be closer in value to each other than they have been in the past.
  • Healer’s mana regeneration abilities are being nerfed and removed because they didn’t add any gameplay value.
  • DPS potions are not on the same cooldown as Healing Potions. Warlok’s health stones are going to have shared cooldowns with health pots.

Please visit the articles mentioned above for more details, especially if you are looking for class specific details.

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  • py

    So health potions are going to be useful once more. This is nice :)