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When MoP launched I was pretty sure that everyone would focus on leveling, reputation farm, and gearing up. I was right, but I forgot one thing: The Pet Battles.

A lot of people I know in-game are pretty excited about the Pet Battles and that's why I think it is a good idea to have a look at the addons that have been created for it.

Battle Pet Count

This is a very simple addon that will help tell you if you already own a pet and if you do, what the quality of the owned pet is. It's pretty useful since no one actually wants to catch pets that they already own especially if they are of the same quality or worse.

All the info about pets can be found in the tooltips whenever you hover your cursor over a cage, pet battle, or npc.

You can get the addon from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…lePetCount.html


For those using Ackis Recipe List, this is going to look extremely similar, but instead of finding the missing recipes this will help you finding the missing pets to complete your Pet Journal (You have to catch them all, right?)

This addon will add a Scan button to your Pet Journal. That button will open another window that will list all the pets you are missing. Clicking a pet on that list will tell you where/how you can get that pet. Aside from this, you can filter the pets so you can make it look however you see fit.

You can get the addon from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…lectinator.html

Pet Journal Enhanced

Pet Journal Enhanced will change the look of your Pet Journal a bit.

The filters will gain a few more options such as sort by rarity, by specialization, or by level. This is going to be very helpful if you want to switch some pets and you find it hard to find exactly what you need.Each pet will have its specialization icon attached to it. so you wont have to click each pet to see its specialization. The names and the icon borders are colored based on the quality/rarity of the pet.

Using this addon will help you find and see things faster and easier.

You can get the addon from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…alEnhanced.html

Pet Battle Teams

If you have multiple pet teams and if you are tired of switching between pets then this addon is exactly what you need. This will save up to 60 Pet Teams and it will allow you to switch between them very easy.

Very handy addon if you ask me, especially after you level a couple of pets.

You can get the addon from:


Pet Theory

There were a few similar addons around but as far as I could find this was the only one that actually worked.

Whenever you are fighting or wandering around the world searching for pets this addon will help you a lot. Basically it will tell you the rarity/quality of the pet you encountered before catching it.

Even if you could figure it out this by yourself, by looking at the pet's health and stats, this addon will ease your work.

In my opinion this is a must-have for everyone.

You can get the addon from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…-PetTheory.html

I'm pretty sure that there are more interesting addons out there that I haven’t had the chance to try, maybe some of them are better, but at least now you have an idea on how Pet Battle Addons can help you.

As a side note, even if this not an addon, do not miss the Wowhead's Battle Pet Maps.

Are you using any Pet battle addons? Which ones? Let us and the others know about your findings…

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  • Zaknafein

    I dont get why pokemon addons are needed the only thing i might need is some pokemon music in the backround ^_^

  • PacGamer
    'Zaknafein' wrote:

    I dont get why pokemon addons are needed the only thing i might need is some pokemon music in the backround :happy:

    You'll like this then :P

  • skippy

    Pet Theory rocks!

    I had no idea such an addon exists. I love it!

    Now all my pets are going to be rare!

  • Ronin

    I hadn't thought about addons for Pet Battles, but since I find myself doing a lot of battles as I level my new Pandaren, I can really see the need for some of these. Not the least because my Pet Journal has, like, 20 Alliance balloons, a dozen Snowmen, etc.etc.

    Thanks for the write-up!