Price increase for World of Warcraft services paid in Pounds


If you are from Great Britain, brace yourself. Because April 30th is coming with a new table of prices for some of the optional services for World of Warcraft for those who pay in Pounds.

Although the official announcement published by Takralus says the raises are coming to reach the proper “entertainment value”, it feels more like a measure to cover the difference in value between the Pound and the Euro.

Check out the new prices in pounds.

Service Current price New price
Name change £6 £7
Pets £9 £9
Helms £10 £10
Appearence change £12 £13
Guild Name change £15 £17
Character transfer £15 £17
Race change £15 £17
Mounts £17 £17
Faction change £20 £22
Guild transfer £25 £25
Guild faction change £30 £30
Level 90 character Boost £40 £40
Guild transfer + faction change £50 £50

According to the number of pages of negative comments in the official post  we already know how these increases are going to be received by the players.

And what about you? What do you think about them?

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