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Most of a raid's success is based on its leadership and even when all the raiders are well prepared and know as much as they can about an encounter, it is always great when the Raid Leader knows everything about his fellow raiders as well.

Before starting with these reconsiderations you, should take a look to the General Raiding Addons Recommendations, even if you're a raid leader. The addons we will talk about in here are for raid management alone.


One of the oldest addons for raid leading still in use. I'm pretty sure that I fist heard of this addon in Kara raids.

This addon has a lot of features but the ones I'd like to remind you of are: the mass invite based on guild ranks, auto promoting to assistant based on some criteria and cooldowns monitor.

You can get the addon from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…14635-oRA3.html

Skada or Recount

Everyone is using one of these two addons these days. People really like to see where they are standing as dps or healing compared to the other fellow raiders. I think this could fit easily into the General Raiding Addons, but any raider can live without it if he or she wants. A raid leader on the other hand, should know who needs improvement and who messed up on something.

These addons not only tells your dps, they can be used for various or statistics. For example you can see who attacked the wrong target or how damaged the raid with some debuff or even who forgot to eat some boss spell.

You can get Skada from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…amageMeter.html

You can get Recount from:


Ensidia Fails

This addon will help you, as a raid leader, to see who is failing on some boss mechanics and it can help you list the names of those who failed. You will know quickly who came unprepared for a new fight or who didn't understand some fight mechanic.

For example, it is going to be very easy to see who's failing on Jasper Chains on the The Stone Guard or who is not running back for Sha of Fear's Breath of Fear.

Do not forget about RecountEnsidiaFails and/or SkadaEnsidiaFails. These plugins will allow you to check the Ensidia Fails statistics on your Recount/Skada.

You can get the addon from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…sidiaFails.html

RaidBuffStatus and RaidSlackCheck

RaidBuffStatus addon will help you with raid buffs mainly, but it can also be used to see exactly what your raid setup is.

All the buffs can be monitored and even reported to the raid members. You can see the who is missing what and you can auto whisper them if they are missing a flask or they forgot to eat the feast.

RaidSlackCheck, even if it has some similar uses with the RaidBuffStatus addon, is used mainly for the potion check feature. This feature will tell you if your raiders are using their potions.

Since you will want the best performance from everyone in your raid I think these are pretty much mandatory addons for every raid leader.

You can get RaidBuffStatus from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…BuffStatus.html

You can get RaidSlackCheck from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…SlackCheck.html


Last but not least is Grid. An addon that everyone knows or at least heard about.

Even if this is somewhat dedicated to healers, every raider can use it. Even though the default UI raid frames are very solid now and work great, there are few things that are missing. The first thing that comes to mind, on the current MoP raids are the debuffs notifications.

Of course, you'd say DBM will do that, and you are right, but sometimes is hard to find a list of people in a spammy raid chat. For example, at the Gara'jal the Spiritbinder you'll want to know who has that Voodoo Doll debuff. Well, with Grid is simple to monitor that debuff and a simple look at the raid frames will tell you exactly who has to be replaced for going to the spirits world.

You can get the addon from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…o5747-Grid.html

Any suggestion of some awesome addon would be great. What addons do you use to lead your raids or what addon is your raid leader using? Leave your thoughts below…

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  • sevan

    As a raid leader all I really use is DBM and RaidAchievement for specific raid purposes. And no, I've never heard of or used Grid. I've been around since vanilla beta so to state we've ALL heard of it is a bit of a reach.