Shadowmoon Valley WoD Beta Preview


This area is the starting zone for Alliance. Well, basically the starting zone for both factions, Alliance and Horde, is the Tanaan Jungle. That’s the area right after the new Dark Portal where players first encounter the Iron Horde, but we will talk about that area a bit later.

Now, let’s focus on Shadowmoon Valley. The name is well known especially for those who ventured into Outland back in The Burning Crusade, but the look and feel of the new Shadowmoon Valley is totally different and I couldn’t find anything old.

Similar to Frostfire Ridge, the Horde starting area, here in Shadowmoon Alliance players will be able to build their Garrison.

The are a is filled with draenei and iron horde architecture and compared to the old Shadowmoon Valley this time the area has green and violet flora. From what I could see this is one if the best looking area in Draenor. The corrupted parts of the area, and the ones where iron horde placed their camps and fortifications are the only parts that change this whole serene and peaceful looking area.

There are also a few cut-scenes which are not available yet and maybe the entire area will be affected even more in the future by the iron horde, but the way it looks now makes me wonder if my favorite area in the game is still the old Nagrand or not…

I leave you with a few screenshots and a short flyover video. If you think we missed anything or you want to share your opinion with us, leave your questions below.


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  • Kira

    I absolutely love the new Shadowmoon Valley and hope that we get to see more over time. However over the zone and how it looks, I like the sound a lot more for it. The ambiance of the zone sounds amazing and the background music also is breathtaking and suits the areas in Shadowmoon quite well, if I don’t say so for myself.