Skyreach – Dungeon preview


Skyreach is the first dungeon I manage to test successfully in Beta realms without disconnects and major problems.

This dungeon looks amazing. The arakkoa architecture is really one of a kind, with plenty of details and bright colors that will make you stop from time to time just to look around.

The run was made on Normal difficulty with a premade level 100 character and no addons. The trash packs were pretty easy to handle and since this was a short dungeon, we haven’t see too much trash around.
Before the last boss there is “path of wind” you must follow but I didn’t understand the reason behind it. I guess there is something unfinished there.

The fist boss was pretty simple. You just have to avoid the charge ad the things on the ground and you are safe. The second one is all about healing and catching some beams. The third the all-out boss, where you just have to nuke (that’s how we did it anyway).
The last boss on the other hand is pretty cool. Basically you have to avoid the fire on the ground, kill the shield generating robot and kill the birds that will throw you off the platform (similar to Lich King fight for the ones who remember).

We recorded everything we did in this dungeon (sorry for the third boss kill…). If you have any questions leave a comment below.
Also, if you want us to review anything next, let us know…

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  • skippy

    Indeed the instance looks pretty cool, but except for the last boss there is nothing impressive. I have a feeling that with every expansion the dungeons are shorter and shorter. I t really felt like a scenario to me… Btw, more vidos like these world be great 😀