Soul of the Aspects: New Blizzard Store Pet


A new pet is available to Blizzard Store! It's a BoP pet and it's a little version of a Hearth of the Aspects mount. You can buy it for 10€ from EU Store and $10 from US Store.

Here is what Blizzard said about this new pet:


Meet the diminutive Soul of the Aspects – a pint-sized version of the Heart of the Aspects flying mount. As your newest faithful companion pet, this radiant whelpling flies by your side through the skies of Azeroth, celebrating your adventures together with aerial summersaults and twisting corkscrews.

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  • Zaknafein

    Another way for blizzard to earn monnies! I will be amazed if they wont earn more then 1million tonight…

    They always manage to earn!