Yes, this is yet another review for the Warcraft movie and I’m pretty sure you read and saw a lot of these lately. Honestly, I never wrote a movie review and I’m pretty sure I’m going to write another one anytime soon, but who knows. I’ll try to keep things simple and short.

Small disclaimer

I’m starting this article with a little disclaimer so everyone should know what to expect right from the beginning. First things first: I’ll avoid any spoilers, so even if you didn’t see the movie yet you can read ahead.

Like I said, I’m not a movie reviews writer and actually I’m very picky when it comes to any movies whatsoever. Beside this, you should know that this comes from a World of Warcraft fan who played the Warcraft games and World of Warcraft and also read most of the books related to Warcraft lore. Also, I’m one of those who waited for this movie since… forever basically.

When it comes to movies made after games, books, or some animated series, I always expect to be disappointed. Just look at the Dragonball or Eragon movies. Those were a real disappointment for me, unfortunately. That’s what I expected from this movie as well, to be honest, but I’m happy I was wrong about it.

Warcraft personal review and thoughts

Even if there are a lot of reviews saying that Warcraft movie is just another bad movie made after a game, I honestly disagree. I really enjoyed the movie, but I guess everyone expected this from a Warcraft fan. I was happy to see that my wife enjoyed it as well and also everyone in my office who saw it. I’d like to mention that none of these people are Warcraft fans and I don’t think any of them played any of the games.

It’s interesting how a lot of people just join the hate group because of reasons. These days is so cool to hate things like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Apple, Windows, DotA, Overwatch, and Metallica… just because. If you don’t hate something and really express yourself you are not cool enough… But let’s not join those people and analyze things like a normal rational human would do.

I agree that Warcraft movie is not the best movie of all times and it will never be. I love fantasy movies, I enjoyed LotR, Hobbit, and GoT and I consider them of the best movies of the genre, but somehow Warcraft isn’t there. Even so there are some pros and some cons if you want to compare them with other fantasy movies:


  • The details and graphics and visual effects are amazing. I really enjoyed seeing the Azeroth “in real life”. If you compare the landscapes with the ones you encounter in the game you’ll notice that some things were exaggerated a little bit, but that’s more than ok.
  • The cities like Stormwind and Dalaran are also impressive and if you know them from the game then you’ll enjoy seeing them.
  • The attentions to details is amazing. I guess there is nothing to add here. You just have to see the movie.
  • The mages/wizards are something that I really missed in movies like Lord of the Rings. In Warcraft these guys actually do something and the spells look amazing and feel really epic. Every scene with magic is amazing. That’s what expect to see the from now on in every fantasy movie that involves some sort of spells.
  • The movie kept me focused the entire time and if you are a lore fan you’ll enjoy it for sure.
  • There are some interesting easter eggs in the movie, but I won’t spoil them for you.


  • The movie was available only in 3D (at least at the theater I went to) and I’m not a fan of 3D movies. I actually prefer the good old 2D. I never saw any movie that worth the 3D experience (well, maybe Avatar, but that’s it).
  • I felt that some parts of the story were left out. Lore wise the script could have been “fixed” a little bit more in my opinion – we may see more details when the director’s cut comes out.
  • Things happen too fast. I got a feeling that here and there the movie was rushed. All the action and events would take way to much if you read the book(s).
  • I really expected to hear more about the characters backgrounds. I admit that the movie won’t fit in the 2 hours cut, but at least for the main characters should have had a proper introduction.
  • The movie was too short. We really need something to continue the story. If it ends like this it would be a pity.


I really expect to be a sequel and honestly hope to be soon. Something tells me that if the fans have to wait another years and years for the next Warcraft movie it won’t have the expected impact anymore. The movie was enjoyable and personally loved it. I appreciated the acting too. Lothar, Garona, Medivh, and Orgrim were exactly what I expected to be.

As a suggestion, try to avoid the hate and try to avoid judging the movie before you actually see it. Of course, if you are not into this genre, I have no idea how will you take the Warcraft universe, but if you enjoy fantasy movies I strongly believe that this movie is something you should watch sooner or later.

As a conclusion of this conclusion, heh, I really enjoyed the movie and I won’t say this is the greatest masterpiece of all time. It was a decent and actually enjoyable movie.

What do you think about the movie? What did you like or dislike about it?