Talador WoD Beta Preview


Talador is an area where old Burning Crusade players will see how Shattrath City, Auchindoun and their surroundings really looked like. You can not compare the feel of Terokkar Forest with the Talador one, but if you remember that area you’ll see some similarities in Talador.

This is the hope of Draenei and most of the area is filled with their architecture. The colors are vibrant and most of the area looks peaceful when you fist step into Talador, but while you advance with your quests and exploration you’ll notice that Iron Horde “affected” this area a lot. For example, Shattrath City is under Iron Horde control.

Questing here will open up a few more perks for your Garrison and, story-wise, you’ll be able to find out more about the Iron Horde plans. The position of Talador, right in the middle of Draenor, makes this a very strategic area for the Iron Horde. Maybe this is why they are bringing to many troops here, what do you think?

To avoid other spoilers, I leave you with some screenshots and a short fly-over:

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  • Zexo

    WoD seems to be amazing. Textures look much better than in MoP and they finally have this Warcraft atmosphere. From what I currently have seen on MMO-Champion – new instances will also be amazing (Grimrail depot or Skyreach looks wonderful!)
    The only thing that I don’t really like is that I thought that they will lower stats a bit more and damage will be similar to what we experienced in TBC but it seems it will be more like late WoTLK/early Cata.