Tanaan Jungle WoD Beta Preview


Tanaan Jungle is the area around the Dark Portal, making this the first zone both Alliance and Horde players will step into when going to Draenor.

The events and the quests introduce you the new enemies: the Iron Horde. There are also a few cut-scenes that will help you understand what’s going on behind this new Dark Portal.

For the players who decide to boost a a character to level 90, the quests from this area will unlock the abilities for you and will introduce you to your class making you understand it a bit better.

Even if this place is small, you’ll be constantly on a run saving whatever you can along the way and escaping to Shadowmoon Valley, as an Alliance player, or Frostfire Ridge, as Horde.

I leave you with a few screenshots I took while completing the quests in this new zone:

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  • skippy

    A few questions from me 😀
    1. How are e going to get there? Is there any interesting event?
    2. All the players are going to start in that place? Don’t you think this will kill the servers the way happen with MoP and Cata?

    • http://www.wowjuju.com/ Luci

      1. At the moment there is a NPC sending you there right in the middle of the action. I’m pretty sure we’ll have some event to make us head toward the Dark Portal.

      2. Yes, this might be a problem and I really hope Blizzard is taking this into consideration. All the previous expansions (maybe except WotLK) had some introductory quests that sent people is a specific location and on a high populated realm it was really bad.
      This time we have both Horde and Alliance in the same place and this can be very painful…
      Still, this is just Beta and a lot of things ca change.

      I’m up for any other questions is you have more :)

    • Mike Caragheorghiev

      It is an event, you can see some quests done in blasted lands where you defend Blasted Lands from the Iron Horde then I guess you go trough the portal in Tanaan Jungle

  • mustfa

    i realy excited about new combat zone any news about it ?

  • Kira

    The new portal is awesome looking! However I do have a question for it though. When you walk through the portal is there a loading screen or are you just immediately in Draenor? Also if you walk into a dungeon later on in the beta can you let me know if there is a loading screen for the dungeon. I heard that there wasn’t going to be loading screens for instances, but I wasn’t sure if it was just a rumor or not.