Terms of use

Conduct of our Members

Please maintain respect to all individuals on this website at all times. As we are a mixed community, there are a wide range of opinions, experiences, backgrounds, religions and ages.
Respect others and their opinions. Everyone should respect these guidelines therefor make sure you are reading them and if you ever ask yourself “Is it ok to post this?” most of the time it isn’t and you better contact the staff.
These rules and guidelines can be changed and updated whenever we see fit without any notification.

General Guidelines

  • No aggressive behavior or flaming comments.
  • No trashing other peoples comments (i.e. SPAM).
  • No abuse towards other members.
  • No racist dialog or content.
  • No comments about politics.
  • No offensive user names. (those users are going to be deleted or edited)
  • No porn, or almost porn, or maybe this is porn. If you have to ask “Is this porn?” It probably is. DO NOT put sexually explicit material, images, icons or anything similar… “We’re not here for that!” This also includes any “Art”, link, erotic art, etc…
  • DO NOT ask for money or sell services through this website.
  • DO NOT use all capital letters in your posts or titles… it’s the same as shouting and not allowed here.

General Posting Guidelines

  • Post in English only and please no “1337” speaking. Use normal words, is not so hard.
  • NO Gold-selling/Account selling/Power Leveling or trading websites links anywhere, please!
  • NO links to Keyloggers and/or Hoax/phishing websites!
  • NO comments about activities considered illegal by Blizzard Entertainment (botting, hacking, cheating, exploiting,…)
  • Do not call people “dumb f**k”, “idiot”, “retard”,…
  • Do not laugh of others grammatical mistakes. There are not only native English speaking members here.
  • No trolling and spamming. Nonconstructive comments like “adasgsghdfhjdfghdfgh” will be deleted and user warned or banned. Speak your mind. Is not hard to type a few intelligible words.
  • Keep the discussion on topic the best you can.

Signature and Avatar Guidelines

  • DO NOT use potentially offensive material involving porn, religious material, animal/human cruelty or ideologically charged images. Administrators have a wide discretion on what is acceptable. If in doubt, contact us.
  • Links to gold selling and power leveling are not allowed and they will be removed OR if is the case the user will be banned/removed as well.

Also DO NOT ask to become a staff member. The current staff will ask for your help when is needed. When we open a new position we will announce it, don’t worry about it.

NOTE: These guidelines might change in time, but if something like that happens we will announce it.

Thanks for reading,
Wowjuju Team.