A tribute for Robin Williams in World of Warcraft

Image source: cryptid-creations.deviantart.com

Everyone must have heard the news about Robin Williams’ death already… Along with this sad news Blizzard announced that they’ll bring a tribute to Robin in World of Warcraft.

Since Robin Williams was a known gamer (apparently he his daughter’s name is Zelda) and a World of Warcraft player, other players start asking Blizzard of Twitter to do something to commemorate this awesome actor. Celestalon (Chadd Nervig, Technical Game Designer on World of Warcraft) replied to one of this request on twitter saying that “They’ll take care of it.

There was also a petition with over 10.000 signatures asking Blizzard the same thing: to make something for Robin Williams. The petition organizer was informed by Blizzard employees that they’ll take great care of Robin Williams tribute and or NPC.

We can assume that we’ll have a NPC in game to remind us of Robin, but there are no details about it. What do you guys think that this NPC might be or even better, what would you add to the game to commemorate Robin?

I personally hope there will be a funny blue lamp genie :)

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  • Özkan Özgün

    we will miss you ms Dotfire :(

  • Matt

    A warlock called Mrs Dotfire