Undead Female New Model Revealed

At BlizzCon we already way a few new models and today, with the latest WoW Source episode, the Undead Female Model was revealed as well.


But this model is not the only thing we found out.

Blizzard is planning on allowing the players to opt-in for the new models. Apparently you will be able to switch back and forth, just for the graphics performance sake. Whenever you will select the New Models not only the player modes are going to be changed, but the NPCs as well.
At least these are the plans for now…

By the way, don’t forget to watch the full WoW Source episode!

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  • Zaknafein

    They seem quite intresting and zombiefied! I want my night elfs!

  • waflob

    It always makes me laugh when looking at the female undeads – everything is falling apart, but they still have pert boobies. Is this just a case of “beauty fades, but silicon lasts forever”? :-)