Upcoming Class cosmetic accessories


For those who like visual customization this addition will be something you’ll really enjoy.

For those who still remember the old Quivers, Librams or Relics… well, those old items are coming back, but this time only for visual customization. From the Artcraft post we understand that all the classes should have something to add as their “relic” and they will level up with your characters. Of course, the look improve with every level as well.

Paladins will have their Librams, Shamans will have some totem, Hunters will have their quiver or ammo pouch, Rogues will have daggers or poison packs, and Druids will have the idols.
Once we level up we will unlock more items and we will be able to mix them however we like. Some of these items will be unlocked from defeating a boss or any other type of achievement.

This is just a concept and these were just the basic ideas. Even if we’ll see these cosmetic accessories in Warlords of Draenor it wont be at the launch. Apparently we will have to deal with the Iron Horde first.

I’m pretty sure we will know more details soon, but until then, leave a comment and tell us what do you think about it. What would you like to have for your class as a cosmetic item?

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