Walords of Draenor PvP Updates

Arena Season End

Moments ago Blizzard posted a new article on WoD PvP changes. I’m pretty sure you’ll find them interesting and i you like to read the official article please do so on their website.

Trial of the Gladiator

Since this new feature was announced during BlizzCon, I should simply way this: It’s Gone!

Apparently Blizzard decided to drop this new feature. Looks like the community feedback was the main thing that brought this feature back to the drawing board. Since this Tournament was a great idea some a lot of people complained that they couldn’t play during the pre-set times and beside that areas would be affected as well.

The removal of this Trial of the Gladiator feature opened the game for something else…


Yes, the arena Skirmishes are back and this time they have bonuses as well. These arena games are going to be unranked and available for 2v2 or 3v3 games. By winning you’ll be rewarded with honor and a random bonus (gold, more honor, conquest points or maybe something else).

Basically now Arena players will have a place where they can test their builds or skills without altering their rank.

Spectator Invite System

This is a new unannounced feature that we can “play with” in Warlords of Draenor. This is not exactly what you expect it to be but I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy it.

Basically an organizer will be able to invite two teams and make them fight in his war Game. Then, when the match begins, everyone in the match organizer’s party will be able to watch those two teams duke it out.

Also, these games have access to Tournament Gear to ensure that all the players of these games have access to the same level of gear, meaning that only their skill will decide the winner.

This new system is really a great one in my opinion and I’m pretty sure a lot of tournaments will take place like this held by various companies or websites. Who knows, maybe we’ll held a tournament like this… We should prepare some prizes…

Let us know what do you think about these new changes in the WoD PvP world.


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