Warcraft Movie Logo Revealed

Everyone is waiting for the Warcraft Movie since… forever. I honestly still hope to see a short teaser during the International Comic-Con ( July 24-27, 2014), but until then we can see how the Warcraft Movie Logo looks like:

Warcraft Movie Logo
Warcraft Movie Logo

This image was published by Legendary a while ago and it’s already all over the web.

First of all it doesn’t look bad, but I keep wondering why the big change from the original well-known Warcraft logo?

This one takes me to Starcraft and a bit of Cataclysm universe or maybe some Transformers movie… It is known that this movie will focus on the two races, Horde and Alliance, and I wonder what is this new logo focusing on…

I’m pretty sure there is a reason behind this huge change and I can’t wait to hear more about it. If any of you have anything to say about this logo or about the reason behind this change, leave a comment below.

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