Warlords of Draenor First Aid changes

It is known that most of not all the professions are going to see some changes in Warlords of Draenor. Even if it’s a bit too early to get into details about all the professions, since a lot of things are not finished in Beta, there was something I noticed while messing around in Beta realms…

The First Aid, the secondary profession that most of the people just forgets about, has some new items available.
Beside the normal bandages and a few anti-venom items, now this profession will be able to make Healing Tonic, and Fire Ammonite Oil. We don’t know if other things are going to be added nor if the Health Potions are removed from Alchemy, but just in case these potions are going to be useful somehow in the new expansion this is a nice change to this profession.


It’s to early to conclude anything from this, but it’s a step forward I guess. I’m really curious what will happen to all the professions since most of the WoW economy depends on them.

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