Warlords of Draenor: Character Models and Art

I know the web is already full of new models and concept art images from the newly announcement World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, but we wanted to put everything together as well and add s many details as we can.

Dwarf new model

New Character Models

If you remember the announcement of Mists of Pandaria and the new Pandaren race, Blizzard said back then that sometime during MoP we will see all the old Character Models updated as well. Unfortunately that didn’t happen but now we know for sure that WoD is going to have the new models ready for us.

During the presentation we were able to see a few races example.

Gnome new model

The Dwarf male seems to be ready as well as the Orc male, and the same goes for the Gnome male and female. These characters were fully animated and I must say I was really surprised of their details. Especially the gnome facial expressions.
Some partially made models are the ones for Dwarf female, Undead male, Tauren male… and that’s about it.
This is what we can tell you about the new models:

  • The polygon number for the new character is much much higher now.
  • There are many more body parts with bones for better animations. For example fingers and facial hair have a more real movement.
  • Textures are higher quality and they don’t have to be symmetrical anymore.
  • All the races are going to get the new models except the Goblins and Worgens. They are the last ones to be worked on.
  • Quote: “A good way to give players access to the different races would also be required. Perks for the different sub races might also be interesting.”

Orc new model

I’ll let you enjoy all the screenshots I took during the BlizzCon to understand even better how the new models look like:

I’m pretty sure we will soon see the other models as well, and I really think the machinima creators are happy about these new models.

New Concept Art and Models

During the BlizzCon panels we saw a bunch of new concept art, creatures, buildings, prop art, and basically everything that pleases out eyes while w play the game.

Now, give us some personal opinions about these changes. I saw a lot of people really pumped up about the new models. Are you as well?

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  • Zaknafein

    To be honest it was about time! We needed the changes and i dont mind we dont get new races or clases

  • Wesley

    Overall I feel new art is needed, especially for BC and Vanilla races, and in truth I would love to see more character customization kind of like that in Skyrim, not so much as changing nose sizes, but having different nose designs to match with different faces and the like so you can create a cooler looking character.