Warlords of Draenor: Items and Stats changes

I think everyone expected some changes for items and stats in the new expansion. They are not so drastic as we saw them at BlizzCon 2011, but we do have some significant changes this time as well.

Item squish

Yeah, you read that right. The Item Squish will happen with the Warlords of Draenor launch. If you ask yourself what Item Squish is then let me quickly explain it.
All the “numbers” are going down. We wont have 400k dps anymore. We wont have 1M health anymore and we wont have to deal with crazy numbers in the future expansion.
Here is a simple example shown at BlizzCon 2013:

Item squish

There is something you should understand though. Players power wont go down with these changes. If you were able to kill an elite in 1 minute then with these changes you’ll kill the same elite in 1 minute. If you were able to solo Lich King then you’ll be able to keep doing that.
Nothing changes, only the numbers are going down to a more reasonable values.

Items Stats

Hit, Expertise, Dodge, and Parry – GONE!
Yeah, that’s right. These stats are going to be removed from items because they don’t feel like a bonus. For example hit, is just something you try to cap as soon as possible then avoid all the items with hit afterwards so you can take better stats.

Reforge – GONE!
Way too much customization was needed when you got a new item. It took time, lots of addons and tools to get the perfect reforges for your character and with every new item everything was a mess and you had to redo those reforges again.
That’s why, with patch 6.0 the reforges NPCs are leaving.
The interesting question was: “What are we going to have on the yak mount with the reforge NPC gone?” We have no answer yet, but let’s hope is something useful or funny.

No, they are not gone, but we will have fewer enchants and less items that we will be able to enchant. We will have a wider variety of enchants for the same gear piece, but only some of the items are enhcantable.
We were told that the profession wont be affected economically-wise, but it will be interesting to see how all this will work out.

Gems and socket bonuses
We will have less gems, socket bonuses are gone, meta requirements are gone as well and we will have less items with sockets. Multi socket items are gone or they are going to be very rare as well. Because of that gems are going to be more powerful.
This change shouldn’t affect the gems market either. With less items using gems, but with more powerful gems the price of the gems should remain in balance and the revenues wont be affected.

New Stats – Tertiary Stats
We will see some new stats introduced to Warlords of Draenor. Below are some example of those stats, but I’m sure there can be even more of those.

Speed changes
If you look on the items above, you’ll see one items with +speed as a tertiary stat. There is are some changes to this stat in particular:
Speed will stack now. Trinkets, boots, racials, items and so on. Of course, there will be a cap. You wont be able to light-speed from one corner of Azeroth to another.

According to reddit, haste is going to be affected as well. We wont have those softcaps/breakpoints for dots and hots. Blizzard is thinking about introducing partial ticks, but there are no other details on how this will actually work…

Armor changes

We wont have strength plate and intellect plate anymore. Just plate. The stat will change depending of your spec and what that spec requires.
For example as a pally tank, you’ll see strength on your gear and if you change spec to holy, you’ll see the int on your plate. This way we will have one set of gear usable for all specs!

The same goes for Mail, Leather and Cloth gear, where primary stats will change based on spec, set bonuses included.

The items that will be more role focused are necklaces, rings, cloaks, and trinkets.

We might see a lot more changes here and maybe some of these changes will never reach the live servers, but at least we now know what we should expect from the 6.0 patch.

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  • Aamunkajox

    If they are going to item squish that hard, i wouldnt enjoy wow anymore so much. 30k hp on lvl 90? Sounds very stupid. I like the idea but not if thats the final result. I really hope not.

    • Anon

      I really hope people like you stop playing WOW and it can become a good game again.

    • ggetaclue

      it won’t matter to you at all, since squash is happening across the board! It’s all relative. And IMHO it was inevitable that this would happen because the numbers have gotten crazy to manage. This is a good reversion to vanilla days. It’s also going to be beneficial to players because bonus stats will be RARE like they used to be and as they should be. Otherwise, they’re not really bonuses.

  • Zaknafein

    300k i think they said not 30k ohwell we have to wait and see

  • Twytchy

    Please please please please please let this be false info. Item squish I love. Enchanting is now going to be HARDER to level, fantastic, color gems are now pointless to which I can only ask “why?” and the stats they’re adding is a bunch of bloody MOBA shit!DAMNIT BLIZZ! YOU PROMISED! T.T

  • Wesley

    My response to this, in terms of new enchants, rogues already move at least 3 times as fast as your average character, making it stackable and enchants for that is just a NO, enchants themselves, considering what this says they are doing with it, that is just stupid. Armor I personally am in favor of, however I feel it should be more like the timeless gear, not changing every time you switch spec. As for Jewelcrafting, I call bull shit, this will completely fuck up their market draining gold income from them, same for enchanting though. With fewer items being enchantable, not to mention change in enchants, I dont think enchanting will be very worthwhile for gold farming anymore. Losing the reforge is bull shit if you ask me, however with the armor change I see why, but still it eliminates customization and personal in game preferences. The fact that Hit, Expertise, Dodge, and Parry will be removed is just terrible, those are in reality some of the most useful stats for a tanks survivability, and a dps ability to constantly deal damage. Finally for the Item Squish, assuming that everything is lowered to scale with every other component, it is fine. If you have a char with 1m health, but someone deals 500k a hit, or you have 100 health, but people only deal 50 a hit, I feel there is really no change at all except easier math. Should they however lower health by like 80%, but damage only by 60%, that needs to be changed because that will allow dps to overwhelm tanks.

    • Wesley

      Also continuing yesterdays response, I have also heard about how the city thing you get will permit people to farm mats that they have not trained in, which in my mind will eliminate demand for mats, lowering the stock of any mat, changing the market completely, should it only allow you to farm mats that you are trained in I feel it would be a much better option, or if you could not gain items from the mission you assign to your minions. Back to my armor statement, armor should be much more like that of timeless, that way you get gear that will be appropriate for your spec, and eliminate the stupid items such as a bow that gives int or spirit, but you still require multi gear sets. I also feel that armor crafting profs such as tailoring need to be able to make pve and pvp gear equal to raid level gear, just above lfr gear, however not better than flex or seasonal. Also I feel all green+ gear should be enchantable, and in truth the gear should still be multi socket, because lets face it, gems are good, give an edge, however not really needed to be good at w/e you are playing as, be it warrior, or mage, or druid, it really is just a little extra nudge that those that lack it can still overcome. Meta gems I do agree should have the requirements for them removed, and colored gems should still exist, and give their various benefits. Other than that other profs like chanting and jc are being changed, yet they say the market will not be changed, in truth it will because people lose the ability to make the kind of gold they can now, which I feel really sucks overall because people will inorder to not lose gold income this way increase the price of everything, gems are suppose to be better so they will sell for more, even though there are fewer slots for them, this means that players that can afford them will become over powered compared to those that lack the funding for these items, as for enchantments, with more variety, even with fewer items to enchant, they will be more expensive because they will have a plethora of new fx, which can help customize each character, a rogue sprinting at light speed across eastern kingdoms or w/e. This sets those that already have gold way far ahead of those that do not, meaning that this will put to different levels of players, elite (those with gold) and regular (those with out), it will more or less cause the classic BoA situation at high levels, if a level 20 with BoA attacks a level 20 with no BoA, who wins, the one with BoA, this will also begin to occur with those that are level cap. This also means however that those that can not buy items will make different character to make them what is needed, which will reduce gold income for those that sell prof made items such as gems or chants or glyphs or w/e it is. So to say this will not affect the economy, nor individual markets, is inaccurate to say the least, the rich will get richer, and the poor will remain poor, at least until late level, which by the time they can make items that are worth while to sell on the auction house, the next xpac will be out, and they will be once more screwed. They will never be able to afford items such as the Sky Golem in MoP, or w/e mount is the mount of that xpac.

      • Aviara

        I really hope this post is a joke. You really jumped off the deep end going from fair, balanced changes to reasoning that the economy will be completely overthrown. Why do you not trust the game developers to consider potential problems? Furthermore, you are arguing for old stats and other elements like reforging, but the game developers are taking them out to make the game a smoother experience. For instance, while they are taking away hit as a stat on gear, that doesn’t mean you will simply miss as much as if you had no extra hit rating, it means you won’t have to gain hit rating on gear to be able to hit mobs 100% of the time. Now that the expansion is out, I hope you are more open to positive change and you realize that everything in the game is still okay, maybe even better. Take a breath and trust your game developers, they are learning from their mistakes and improving WoW for us all.