Warlords of Draenor: Level 100 and New talents


It was obviously that with the new level cap we will have a new tier of talents, the ones we will be able to access at level 100.

Since the new expansion is available for testing at BlizzCon, wowhead already updated their talent calculator with the new WoD talents.

So make sure to check your favorite class to see what’s new.

You may ask yourself why the cap is not level 95, well that question was asked as BlizzCon as well and the answer was pretty simple:
The cap is level 100 because it feels more epic.

I’m pretty sure the time it will take to get to level 100 it will be pretty much the same as getting to level 90 in MoP. But we should wait for some exact numbers to be certain.

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  • Rowena Blauw

    OMG!!!  I cant wait to level up and try the new talent ! And im very curious for the new quests and daileys!

  • waflob

    Didn’t they say somewhere that lvl 100 would be the highest level?

    If this is still the case, then does this mean that we’re seeing the last WoW expansion?

  • Loky

    Well, they also said that they do have prepared a bunch of expansions already. At least they have ideas for them. So I don’t know…