Warlords of Draenor: Trial of the Gladiator

Trial of the Gladiator

We first head about this Trial of the Gladiator at BlizzCon, but we wrote very little about it. Now after a bit of reading and research we finally have put together everything and have more details about this new feature.

What is this Trial of the Gladiator?

The basic idea is simple, this Trial is a new arena ladder. The current Arena leader system will remain unchanged. The leader system used by the Trial is completely different and it wont affect the arena one at all.

Even though players participating in this Trial are going to be able to increase their rating, earn achievements and mounts, pretty much like the current arena players, they will have only a few hours to increase the rating. The whole idea behind these time windows when a player can increase their rating is to avoid the win-trades.

Another advantage of these time windows limitations is that the queue times are going to be way shorter compared to arena ones, because people will queue at the same time. The MMR will improve as well, so you’ll play against teams more suited for your rating.

Even though you have to play at specific hours to increase your rating, you’ll be able to play 24/7 is you like and the good part is that you wont have to worry about the rating.

One of the biggest difference between normal arenas and the Trial of the Gladiator is that there is no PvP gear required. If you are familiar with the Arena Tournament realms, then you are familiar with the gear system as well. Basically you’ll be able to buy everything you use in this Trial for a small amount of gold and no other requirements needed.
This gearing system will make the Trial of the Gladiator a system based only on skill, since you wont have to worry about the gear.

What we dot know yet

First of all we have no idea if this will work like Arena Pass/Tournament, where you have to join a “special” realm, create your premade character, grab your gear and stat playing… OR, you’ll be able to play it on your normal realm.
These details are very unclear at the moment, but I’m sure we will get more and more details soon.

I saw some people worried that this will affect the current Arena leader. Since people will migrate to this system and the queue times will drastically increase for Arenas. Yet again, I’m sure Blizzard will come up with a solution for this and we can’t wait to hear about it.

What do you think this new PvP feature? Let us know your thoughts about it.

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  • Zaknafein

    Seems intresting. They could use it to make tournaments in WoW without that special fee. I am not a pvp man since S1/2 so i would like to see how it works!