Who are Mists of Pandaria end bosses?


There have not been many interesting blue posts lately. Everyone was waiting for the 4.3.2 patch, and further in the future even the MoP Beta. That's why I think it is in order to think about who can we expect as the Mists of Pandaria end-bosses.

There have not been official announcements on who are we going to face in MoP raids. All we know is that Blizzard will focus again on the old conflicts, that is, the Horde vs. Alliance war.

In the 'early' expansions, up to and including the Cataclysm one, we always knew who was going to be the one that we were supposed to fight in the end.

When The Burning Crusade was released we already knew we were going to face bosses like Kael'thas Sunstrider, Illidan Stormrage and Archimonde. Kil'jaeden was a bit of surprise, but we knew all of the other ones.

In The Wrath of the Lich King it was even clearer to us. We had to defeat Arthas aka. the Lich King. There were no surprises here and everyone at least saw the last boss, even if they never actually cleared Icecrown Citadel and defeated the Lich King.

Cataclysm brought us Deathwing. It was a known fact right when this expansion was announced.

When the big announcement about Mists of Pandaria came at BlizzCon 2011, we learned something about a few upcoming class changes: we saw the new talent trees, we previewed Pet Battles, PvE Scenarios and Challenge Mode Dungeons, even a few things about New BGs and Arenas were revealed, but when it comes to dungeons and raids, where most of the end bosses are, all we got were just some general notes. No names, no lore… nothing.

So, beside the revamp of Scholomance and two wings of Scarlet Monastery, we also heard about a new dungeon called Shado-pan Monastery in which we are going to meet the Shado-pan Clan. There are going to be nine dungeons in total, but that's all we know about them until now.

As for raids, we are going to face three new raids right at the launch of MoP, and world bosses are going to return too. Mogu'Shan Palace is a new raid instance and it was told that it holds the old Mogu Empire secrets.

Now, there are two things that we will focus upon: the Shado-pan Clan and the Mogu Empire.

All we know about the Shado-Pan Clan is that they are a pandarean race, but they are very different from the other ones. They are darker and more sinister creatures, with a ninja like culture, but dedicated to protecting Pandaria. They fight an endless war against the Sha.

What is Sha, you ask? Well, Sha is the living manifestations of negative energy, and since the most negative energy was brought to Pandaria by the Alliance and Horde, with their never-ending war, I honestly don't believe the Shado-Pan Clan is going to be very happy to see any of us.

Now for the Mogu Empire, they inhabited Pandaria in a distant past. The Mogu were powerful magical creatures that ruled Pandaria and held its inhabitants as slaves. They ruled with a no-weapon policy, but the pandareans managed to dispose of them and establish their own empire. Now, hiding inside their Mogu'Shan Palace, they are planing to take over Pandaria once more.

Mogu means, roughly, “negative ancient” in Chinese. That means that the Mogu are not likely to be welcoming creatures either.

Both the Shado-pan Monastery and the Mogu'Shan Palace are located on Kun-Lai Summit at the center of Pandaria. At the top we can find the Temple of the Tiger along with the White Tiger Clan. That clan is going to be a new faction, pretty much, and it has not beed revealed yet if we are going to face them in battle.

The interesting thing is that the Kun-Lai Summit is threatened by Zandalari Trolls, invading from the north. That means we will have to deal with trolls once more, even if Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub are now history.

Based on these data, we already can see four potential enemies: the Sha, the Mogu, the invading Zandalari tolls, and (maybe) the Shado-Pan Clan.

Unfortunately there is still very few information around to make out a final boss figure out of this. But, there was an interesting picture on the web a while ago:


That is a screenshot from Descent into Madness, from Ulduar, and as others have said, that stained-glass window resembles a Sha creature. Because the location of that window is near Yogg-Saron, and old god, it's not very unlikely for us to face another Old God or something similar to it.

Now the following question is pretty obvious: What/who do you think are we going to face in the next expansion?

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  • Skocc95

    Im hoping that Queen Azshara will show up in Mists of Pandaria, maybe not whit the first patch but addad maybe later, like a world event: She was w8ing for a hudge conflict between the Aliance and the Horde (which looks like will be in MoP) and then she will strike from the deeps to concure alI ^^ I would love to see her, she is one of my favorite Warcraft Caracters, she can be the final boss along whit Xavius, Avatar of Sargeras and others like that ^^ It Would be also great to opet up thoes islands like the Broken Isles, Tel'Abim, Zandalar and the Plunder Isle.

    As for thoes Pandaria dungeons, instances w/e im not sure, its probably gona be return of some old god, or a new old god that wasent in WoW before or maybe just some badass forggoten pandaren spirit

  • skippy

    Yeah, I bet we will face another Old God in this xpack and if i'd take my guesses further I think N'Zoth is going to be that old god.

    Since you mentioned trolls I expect to face King Zul, since most of their other leaders are pretty much gone.

    As for the Mogu and he ninja pandas I can't think of anything really. Thye are a complete mystery for me as they are for all of us I guess.

  • MoP

    I think one of the bosses will end up be hooked up to a character from warcrafts history for instance Chen Stormstout, Mojo Stormstout or maybe even Rexxar. Maybe like a betrayal or something :P.

  • Cody J Salisbury

    You know with the aspects gone technically. I feel like this next expansion is going to be all about the path of the titans. Also if you read about Pandaria there is gems on the island that can revitalize the sunwell. to me I have a feeling we might be seeing Kil'Jaeden. Also with that in the shadows who lives in the shadows? none other then the big bad and the scary the dark titan Sargeras. that is just my speculations.

  • Daniel Womack

    Aspects are out of the pitcure. Alliance and Horde find a new land to fight over (Pandaria). Shado-pan are not happy with either invading side. Regular pandarians pick and choose sides. First set of dungeons should be evolved around the pandarian lore. First raid bosses should be evolved around the pandarian lore as well. Think about it. The Horde and Alliance both showing up at the same time along with an invasion of trolls. Those first bosses are pissed.(LOL). This whole first part of the new Xpac should be completely around pandaran lore. None of this i want this or i want that put into it. Just makes sence that way.

  • Loky

    Some interesting ideas. Seems like there are a lot of things I didn't think about.

    Keep the ideas coming 😀

  • crowfox

    Along with the new addition of bosses mentioned (Sha, Mogu. etc) I feel there may be some serious mounting tension with horde & alliance towards the Forsaken. The incident in northrend, the continued use of the plague, against the will of Garrosh, Sylvanas misuse of the valkryie. I have a feeling the expansion may end with the defection of Sylvanas and the rise of a new leader to the Forsaken. I think King Zul will make a big appearance, along with Azshara too somewhere along the line. However i think the focus in this expansion will be creating new lore. Constantly relying on “an ancient evil” to fill out the end game content has been a running theme for the entire game to date! Im sure Metzen and the gang will want to expand on a new story, rather than recycle old content.

    I would also like to know why Goblin & Worgen races will not be monk. Maybe the goblins seek to defile Pandaria with their industrialisation. Or that the Worgan are considered impure by the monks.

    Also, perhaps not a villain, but i would quite like to see The mysterious prophet Medivh make an appearance!

  • Sagero

    I don't know alot about lore but what ever it is it looks cool so far 😛

  • Zaknafein

    Let's add the Garrosh Appearance as a Boss… i mean i cant stop laughing on that part…

  • Loky

    Well, the article was written way before the announcement 😀

  • Zaknafein
    'Lucifer' wrote:

    Well, the article was written way before the announcement 😀

    I know but i wanted to share my excitment in this epic awesome Post 😛

  • gabrymr
    'Zaknafein' wrote:

    Let's add the Garrosh Appearance as a Boss… i mean i cant stop laughing on that part…

    Well… we can finally have our Basic Camp fire as a Warchief.

  • Zaknafein
    'gabrymr' wrote:

    Well… we can finally have our Basic Camp fire as a Warchief.

    Personally i am alliance but considering as Alliance we already fight Garrosh (for the achievement) i am trying to figure out what short of retribution he will have… Deathwing Went Mad.. Arthas Regained himself while dying… Illidan got decapitated(?) weird stuff..

    I wouldn't be suprised if Illidan would get ressurected somehow..