WoD: Building Healthy Gameplay and Healing Changes


Another Dev Watercooler article was posted by Blizzard today and this time they are talking about the upcoming WoD changes for Building Healthy Gameplay and Healing Changes.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The players wont be at 100% health all the time.
  • Low-throughput, low-mana-cost heals like Nourish and Holy light are being removed.
  • The number of instant cast heals is reduced.
  • The auto-target or passive heals will be reduced and a bit less “smart”.
  • Multi Target heals are going to be less mana efficient as well.
  • Damage-absorption abilities are not going to be so efficient anymore.
  • Base mana regen is increased a great deal at an early gear level.
  • Base Resilience and Battle Fatigue will hopefully be reduced to 0%, and PvP spike damage will be reduced as well by lowering Critical Damage and Critical Heals to 150% of their normal effect.
  • Here are some class changes we know about:
    • Druid Higher Efficiency: Healing Touch, Rejuvenation, Efflorescence
    • Druid Higher Throughput: Regrowth, Wild Growth
    • Monk Higher Efficiency: Soothing Mist, Renewing Mist
    • Monk Higher Throughput: Surging Mist, Spinning Crane Kick
    • Paladin Higher Efficiency: Holy Light, Holy Shock, Word of Glory, Light of Dawn
    • Paladin Higher Throughput: Flash of Light, Holy Radiance
    • Priest Higher Efficiency: Greater Heal, Circle of Healing, Prayer of Mending, Holy Nova (new Discipline-only version), Penance
    • Priest Higher Throughput: Flash Heal, Prayer of Healing
    • Shaman Higher Efficiency: Healing Wave, Riptide, Healing Rain
    • Shaman Higher Throughput: Healing Surge, Chain Heal

By the looks of it, even if I personally don’t really play a healer, I guess the healing is going to be more challenging in WoD.
Make sure you are reading the entire announcement and leave your opinions below.

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  • Zagnaphein

    Hmm i think this is gonna be challenging for healers. I hope we iwll see tank changes soon and how they will work out. We need to have a small refresh in our situation also!