Wowjuju’s Warlords of Draenor 100 Beta Key Giveaway


Giveaway is now CLOSED. We’ll select the winners shortly. We’ll also announce when we’ll start sending emails to the winners. Keep an eye on your email.
UPDATE: Entries were cleaned and the cheaters removed. We have selected the 100 winners and we’ll start emailing people in the morning.

If you are here I guess you need a beta key. Am I right? Below are all the details you need to enter our giveaway. Like always, we’ll keep things simple with this contest.

How to enter this giveaway

You’ll have multiple chances of winning one Beta key. You can see them all in the form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The last, but not least, there is a chance offered by Blizzard and all you need to do is to opt-in for beta testing on your Account Management page for a chance at WoD Beta access. You can opt-in for all the Blizzard games if you like…

The Prizes

We are giving away 100 Warlords of Draenor Beta Keys. That means 100 contestants are going to step into Beta realms pretty soon.

The Rules

  • The contest is open world wide!
  • Only one entry per user is allowed. Do not create multiple accounts. We will know and disqualify you.
  • You can win only one key.
  • Winners are going to be selected randomly.
  • The winners are going to be contacted via email, so make sure you use an email you check often.
  • I’ll wait about 24 hours for your reply. After that other winners are going to be selected.
  • We reserve the right to remove entries if we feel like you’re not participating in the contest, or you’re just spamming entries to get a prize.
  • The deadline is July 24th, 2014.
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  • Cyclonus

    I would love to win a Key!

  • Schmidt

    Awesome, hope I win 😀

  • Jules Knispel

    Fingers crossed!

  • Maniu Adrian

    I think the most interesting feature is the Garrison.

  • Paulo S.

    key pl0x brbrbr u3h3u3uh3u3huheuhu

  • Christos Makris

    Garrison for sure !!!

  • Corey Craven

    the new character models!

  • Kenneth

    Garrison and the toybox! Finally some bagspace again!

  • Sercan Demirhan

    good news..

  • Colin Kenny

    The feature that I am looking forward to the most is definitely the Garrisons, followed by Mythic raiding.

  • hakan

    i hope i win :)

  • artemisthemp

    I really wanna check out the Garrison and Shadowmoon Valley in the Beta

  • Caleb Farley

    I’d love to get one.

  • Ricardo Brito

    Good luck everyone

  • brk

    Been waiting for this for a long time need a key! :)

  • Chris Riley


  • Dries Cappaert

    I just think that the item and health squish are a great new way to lengthen the wow lifespan

  • Topaz

    Most interesting feature about Warlords of Draenor? The updated Ghost Wolf model for Shaman, tbh!

  • João Carlos Vieira de Sousa

    item stat squish finally! can’t wait to try those new mage talents too :3

  • Zaver

    Time to win a key.

  • Aron7120

    Fingers crossed!

  • Jussi

    I really wish I could win

  • AlexxCri

    key please

  • Joanne Lewis

    I cant wait to try out the garrisons

  • Znajperi

    I hope I’ll get one! WoD looks epic!

  • John

    I’m really interested in trying out Garrisons an checking out the new models.

  • Fozzybare


  • master0337 .

    luck plz be on my side

  • Diamond Bell

    It should be 99 keys giveaway cause one key is mine

  • Elizabeth Thrash

    I can’t wait to explore the new/old outlands!

  • Nhodjin

    Sweet! Im in!

  • Noxeh


  • Adrian Dale

    I would love to win a key for once after 4 years of not getting one :), I hope I do :), this giveaway is awesome and I wish everyone luck

  • lukar1203

    Good luck :)

  • Brynleigh

    The best feature has to be the model upgrades! It’s been needed for a long time and i’m super excited! :)

  • Nexxer

    I need it my friends! Lok’tar ogar!

  • mr_frag

    Crossing my fingers and hoping to win the Key!

  • Anes Rafili

    im gonna win

  • Calum Gibbons

    Would be awesome to travel back in time for lore sakes, meeting everyone would be crazy!

  • Tijmen Kerstens

    I cannot really decide between the garrisons and the character models, so I’m going with something completely different: Ashran. xD. PvP is really unbalanced now in MoP (CCs) and world pvp is dead. I am confident that Ashran will solve it all.

  • Andrew

    I think the most interesting feature about Draenor is.. more than one thing. New race models, garrisons, actually seeing Draenor, etc.

  • Soulreeaze

    Garrisons make me excited! They have a great potential!

  • Stanley Post

    Hope I win a Beta Key

  • reebow

    I would like to see how my classes feel after all the changes. :)

  • Alexander

    I think the most interesting feature is the new character models

  • Falnes


  • Xonz

    Yea please

  • Christopher Sturm

    As a hunter, I can’t wait for all the new pets I can tame. I also can’t wait to explore the new continent.

  • zersh

    yay wowjuju you are the best 😀

  • TheAngryGazebo

    Really looking forward to the updated character models; the previews so far are like a whole new game!

  • bals

    the new character models, for sure!

  • Dorkus

    Garrison ftw

  • Mateusz Sz

    I’d love to check how garrisons work! 😀

  • metsuro

    Free stuff eh

  • Znajperi

    I want to win!

  • Norodox

    New skin for my Dwarf!

  • Mark Bos

    Let me win the beta key :) I want to give feedback :)

  • Leonardo Gomes

    I’m SO waiting for the Garrison. It’s just simple awesome!

  • mikeo007

    Good luck everyone

  • Scott Allen

    Would love a key. I think the new expansion is promising.

  • Hemdal


  • Brienne

    Item squish!!

  • Ahmet

    I hope the garrison system is going to be a fun mechanic and not a repetitious farming mechanic

  • Pedro Maia

    I Play wow since 2006 and i love it ! I
    would love to enter Beta to Stream and Give Feedback to Blizzard to improve the game i love !

  • Vicki Carusone

    I so would love a key

  • marclar

    deadline is july 24th, 2013… oh man i can’t wait for 2013 to come ! 😀

  • Вячеслав Евсеенко

    Stat squish is my favorite feature!

  • Chris

    Most interesting feature in WoD for me is the item squish as I play PvE twinks and can’t wait for some different gameplay from it.

  • David

    I would love to win a Beta key! 😀

  • Philip

    Hoping to land a key and that hopefully they change from sub to f2p modes with more clothing options fingers crossed

  • james garrity


  • Joseph

    I can’t wait to see all the new character models in WoD!

  • Rayzan


  • Jurgen Zonnenberg

    The new UBRS looks awesome :) Garrison also seems fun, and love to see some new single player content :)

  • InvaderRJ

    Good luck everyone!

  • Kedyn

    Would love a key!

  • Josh

    New models!!

  • Loktarz

    win win win

  • Derrick

    I think warlords of draenor will revive wow

  • Tyler Steven Musselman

    Hoping to win!

  • Acheroz1

    Beta key or riot! 😮

  • wormsauce


  • Lucas

    For the beta!

  • Jack


  • Ironside

    To me the Toybox looks like the most interesting (or useful) feature so far.

  • Patricia

    I am looking forward to the garrisons the most, they sound really neat. I have been reading up a lot about them.

  • xiaOft

    Good luck everyone

  • Miguel Angel

    Been playind this since 2008 plz give a me chance to still love this game (:

  • Hangler

    Cmoooon beta key

  • JJ B


  • Shortiemage

    To test all class talents and see how they can be improved.
    And to enjoy that scenery to recreate it in minecraft one way or another.

  • Cassidy

    Deadline 2013? Well I’ll try to win anyways. 😛

  • Sercan Akman

    Ability pruning and Ashran.

  • wimpeh

    Hope I win and GL to everyone else!

  • Cuzzer


  • Marcus

    gimme pizza OpieOP

  • Tyler

    Good luck everyone

  • Will

    Good luck to Everyone !

  • Santea

    Hoping to win!

  • James Lewis Thompson

    I will win because i am lucky.. I think

    • Richard Garnett

      good luck all

  • Jonas

    i will party if i win 😀

  • Korrigk

    Garrisons sounds like the most interesting new feature

  • Gaurdian

    Daddy needs a WoD key for sure!

  • Pobar

    The theme imo, most exciting one since LK. Hearing good things about the tweaks to enhancement as well.

  • plugshunter

    Pick mee please

  • Amemir

    The Toybox

  • Sam

    the new dungeons and leveling experience

  • Stephen Hook


  • Domagoj Kralj

    thanks for doing this 😀

  • dismayg

    A key for the beta would be rad.

  • Ghazghkull Thraka

    gief wod

  • Ornion

    The garrisons looks like so much fun, but in the end I will delve mostly into the story and lore, and this expansion looks to be stuffed with tons of lore. I’m just so curious about what happens after the event of “War Crimes”

  • Matthew Macdonald

    the most interesting feature is garrison !

  • NutsMcGee

    The new character models, tier gear, etc

  • Motheater

    New troll models. Dem feets

  • Amather

    The most interesting feature? The green/red outlines around friendly and enemy creatures.

  • Outcomac

    I would absolutely love a key

  • Anton

    No more flying mounts!

  • Patrick

    pls RNGesus

  • Zmrozony

    Garrisons and new lands.

  • FatCheeseMan

    First time on Wowjuju, neat site. Hoping for a beta key like so many others. Keep up the good work!

  • Pooker

    Model revamp is the best feature.

  • george


  • Djmambax

    Hope I can win a beta key for once 😀

  • Maja

    I think that The new Item stat system is the thing to look forward to as it greatly reduces the grind :)

  • Maxime Lechasseur

    Fingers crossed for a magnificent key!

  • Yeah


  • neko da yordle

    I would love if i win a key

  • Brett Spencer

    most interesting thing is the lvl 90 boost

  • Muhattar Archibald

    Can’t wait to try out Ashran! Seems like a lot of fun 😀

  • Ryan Bourret

    The most interesting thing about WoD for me will be the updated models. But really I can’t wait to see all the new content!

  • Borat Sagdiyev


  • Marllon Bonifacio

    i need beta key

  • Steven Leguyt

    id love to get 1 just to play something new currently i finished wow

  • E!!

    I think the Garrison, what else?!

  • Chris the Doctor

    Garisson feauture is great :-)

  • Jordan Rawdriguez

    Definitely the garrisons!!!!

  • Ivan Garcia

    Would love a key
    I got into mop beta when it was around
    So i would love to try wod and see hoe it is

  • martanius

    Nice! I hope I win one 😀

  • jonny boy


  • Bob

    Awesome! I really want to win

  • jack


  • 123


  • repsej

    im so hyped for the garrisons, cant wait to play with them!

  • Aldo Rodriguez


  • Mikey

    Would love a key

  • Halitius

    I would love a key !

  • Philip Kenny

    Interested in the garrison.

  • Tim

    I love world of warcraft, i would like key pls

  • Michael Krumm

    Good luck everyone ;P

  • Monty1337

    the hunter changes are interesting!

  • BCN

    I want to win!

  • Justin Moore

    Cool, I hope I win!

  • kyrvar

    I think the Garrison is the go-to feature in WoD

  • Dener Jefferson Trei

    beta please! 😀

  • KJB Lynx

    I’ve been an active beta tester for every WoW expansion, plus many other MMOs which have made quite the reputation of themselves. Please, give me a chance to once again prove as a valuable asset to finalizing another expansion.

  • gjones108

    I want a beta key!

  • Citu

    WoD looks cool ! id like to have a key 😀

  • Misconcept

    Here waiting…

  • nom

    I would love a key so I can figure out whats the fastes way to get to 100!

  • Gary Kettlewood

    I’m looking forward to boosting a toon and using all these boa’s from Garrosh

  • Kilmano

    Would be awesome to win a key for once!

  • Melisandra

    Excited for the Garrisons!

  • Hiro88

    Garrisons and new character models without doubt

  • Darkicestorm

    ay b0ss gibe da beta key ples

  • Brainscape

    The Changes to the DK are the points that interest me most!!

  • Kris

    The most interesting feature is more WoW

  • Sebastian

    I am most excited about the new character models!

  • silek

    I never win :(

  • Mikes

    The Changes to the DK are OP!

  • Fundemort Grey

    Can’t wait to beat the crap outta those Warlords

  • David Roberts

    Thanks for this give away Wowjuju lets hope I win :)!

  • throgue

    Im looking forward to seeing all the new models and how they will look on characters with certain gear.

  • DrakkoSatan


  • Cody

    The new models are the Best thing about Draenor, SUPER EXCITE!

  • Architech

    Item squish!

  • Zamma

    Can’t wait for trying out the healer class changes

  • ToXiC 313

    I guess the toybox is one of the most interesting additions for me, I won’t have to keep all that stuff in my inventory/bank.

  • Dan Nilsson

    Visiting Draenor before the destruction ftw!

  • Joe Regalado

    I’m interested in how Garrisons are going to work.

  • Jason Hall

    The new cities! oh wait…

  • Primo Burleson

    Grant a key, get a soul!!!

  • Here I am


  • Nerph

    Most interesting feature for me so far is the stat squish!

  • Hihihiok

    Hope i win aswell!

  • utLancer

    Most interesting this is the Garrisons and spell changes.

  • Mauro Ezequiel Ocampos

    I love the new housing system and new instances and dungeons! :)

  • Vengetsu


  • Vengetsu

    hope I get a keyyyy

  • Gavin Williams

    Im in love with the garrison idea C:

  • Lance Keelinghamm

    I would love to win a Key as well

  • GrunboldGaming

    The most interesting thing they’re doing in Draenor is probably their testing of the removal of flight. I kind of can’t wait to see the results.

  • Andramedae

    Hoping to win!

  • B Jones

    I think the most interesting feature of Warlords for me is the Garrisons. A second most interesting will be the new bag options (increased stack sizes, toybox, crafting from bank)

  • Biggsbruh

    Going back to Draenor!

  • Leebo

    Would love to get in and be able to test Prot pally!

  • Ashford Chapman

    Most interesting feature? The stat changing on gear when you change spec. 😀

  • Eythor


  • Blake Davis

    Definitely the garrisons!

  • GGrealnigs

    New mounts

  • Nugat


  • DarkxRaven

    Thanks for the chance!!

  • George07

    Good luck guys!!

  • Alfie Gutierrez

    I want too be the very BEST! That no one ever was!!

  • Timothy Atkins

    Most interesting thing about WoD in my opinion new tier sets

  • Brandon Wilkins

    So fucking excited for the Core Hound Mount.

    Yo dawg we heard you like Core Hounds, so now you can tame Core Hounds while you ride a Core Hound followed by your Core Hound Pup.

  • Crookz


  • thomas

    The most interesting feature is the hp/damage etc changes, it brings it back to a more reasonable level.

  • Mike

    Garrisons by far are the most interesting feature!

  • Paul Kennedy


  • nesquix

    GL all

  • ketmit

    Update char models

  • McFez

    FOR THE HORDE! Let me in so I can smash thoes Alliance skulls before anyone else has a chance!

  • SirGS


  • Dementy

    Garrisons, New Models, Quests, Item Squish, Bug Finding, Etc…

  • Soeradj Bhoelai

    I wanna contribute to this beta to better the game :)

  • CanadianWaffle

    Would enjoy a key

  • Des Renaud

    Here’s hoping I get in, can’t wait to try out a garrison!

  • Goretera

    i would love a key so i can play beta with my friend that got a key from pax 😀

  • Hendrik

    Rework of the world

  • Lucedus

    I’m most interested in the reduction of cc in pvp and the stat squish.

  • Vyrooll

    Keys yo, freakin keys

  • H Bomb

    Looking forward to new raiding structure!

  • Ben

    I’m mostly looking forward to the new character models and garrisons :)

  • Bazgrim

    Really excited about Garrisons.

  • Chris Ondrovic

    I cannot wait to see how the Garrison’s unfold, and I am hoping in future patches (or hopefully before release) that we see race-specific architecture for them. I would love a blood elf themed garrison.

  • Natalia Thacker

    yay beta keys!

  • Carlos Sanchez

    Well good luck everyone =3!

  • Supernova335

    I’m looking forward to this expansion! 😀

  • Mogisanmon

    Veteran player here: CANNOT WAIT FOR WOD. MMMM.

  • Fantasmic

    Ola ke ase!!! quiero mi beta D:

  • bartholomew j simpson

    Best feature is no flying hands down

  • David Orelus Viteri

    want them keys

  • Ryan Smith

    Can’t wait for Warlords!

  • Markus

    I’m really excited for the new character models. It’s gonna be a whole new game.

  • Nemesis

    Favorite thing about Warlords of Draenor has to be the lore or the Garrisons.

  • David Fällborg Syrén

    Let me in so i can create the best addons for garrisons 😉

  • Bhrow

    Most interesting feature is probably garrisons, looking forward to seeing those.Definetely most excited about new character models tho!

  • Austin Snyder

    pls oh gosh giv it to meeeee

  • Nate Blank

    Dibs! 😉

  • JesterheadxD

    The most interesting thing about WoD is the fact that we’re all going to see characters who shaped the game to be what it is today. I’m a huge lore nut when it comes to WoW, especially the orcs. The fact that we’re gonna be seeing Gul’Dan, Durotan, Grom Hellscream, etc is what really excites me. Definitely cannot wait. This is going to be a game changing expansion in the best possible way

  • Chawan


  • Kapulani

    Looking forward to trying the new talents!

  • Derpoholic

    I wanna try WoD, preordered it so might as well know the area

  • Andrew Stone

    I would love a key more than anything!

  • Skyrex

    The most interesting feature for me is the ability pruning, if you can call it a feature. I’m very excited to see how the classes turn out.

  • John Hill

    good luck all

  • James Pascale

    Kind of done with Mists of Pandaria. Want something new.

  • Esinar

    Would love to win a key

  • Kevin P


  • Alex

    alex is a rat

  • Katie Strife

    Man, I used to use this site like crazy back in the day. Glad to see it still exists!

    Most interesting feature: Garrisons omg Garrisons so hot right now. 😛

  • Dan Lass

    Garrison and hopefully the passive levelling of my 21 alt 90’s!

  • Looocifer

    Most interesting features is the Garrison, and class revamping

  • Phillip Küsters

    I would really love to test out the garrison :)

  • Teo

    New character models! About time!

  • Zak

    “I will win this” – Zod 2014

  • Miodrag Ostojic

    I would love to get Beta Key…to do the storyline,help fixing bugs…gimme gimme 😀

  • Tobias Schön

    A veteran like me deserves a key!

  • Amanda

    The most interesting feature of Warlords is the new characters models. I’m also really curious about Garrison.

  • Brian Mailhot

    Thanks so much for doing the giveaway!

  • Andy Winter

    i Need a wod keyy =DD

  • Fred

    Hoping Ashran wont just be another WG or TB

  • Iris

    I hope to get the key! thank you! 😀

  • Daniel Davis


  • kynelan

    I like the updated skins, my favorite feature will be the new character models.

  • Shakki

    would love to win a key

  • HeatherJo468

    Can’t wait for the toybox!

  • Kappamonster

    I don’t need a kay, wow isn’t my life. BUT HELL DO I WANT ONE!

  • Jakub Ponert

    Most giveaways and no key :( this is my chance! 😀

  • Taylor

    The Garrison sounds awesome!

  • Mahomed Dawood

    good luck all!

  • kheming87

    My favorite feature is the new character models.

  • Antaric

    Very interested in this new beta!

  • Lober

    bringing back world pvp with Ashran, cant wait.

  • Eliwood

    The toybox is the most interesting for me. I desperately need bag space…

  • Furio Falone

    Garrisons of course!

  • Lawwi

    WoD seems so amazing! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Imk88

    Can’t wait! New Talents!

  • kite rine

    Good luck everyone

  • signbln

    I love the Garrisons!

  • Adanyt

    Can’t wait to try garrisons!!

  • Bashnak

    Good Luck everyone 😀

  • Yoo-Hoo Kane

    Hydra for the hunter win!

  • awww jeez

    Tehlulz I love the beta.. tehlulz…. omg

  • Monoroth

    Good luck everyone

  • valruin

    Fingers crossed!

  • l2aFeTa

    Hoping to win 😀

  • Sven

    Garrisons are the most interesting feature by far

  • bigboii4lyf

    would love to see all

  • forceedge

    would love to see all the implications that blizzard is introducing in wod

  • Yacine Amairi

    I would love so much to win it 😀 I was never lucky before and… i have 15 90 and my main is a 572 ilvl monk so i would have A LOT of thing to explore, a lot of thing to stream too with twitch.. It would be a great opportunity. Thanks for the giveaway ! :3

  • Dóra Kiss

    I like to win!!! :)

  • Saraab2005

    The most interesting Features for me is the garrisons.

  • gore

    Garrisons obviously are the most interesting feature i’m looking forward to in Warlords of Draenor.

  • Oppi

    Cool page. Wowjuju

  • DidRen

    Yeah, i hope to to win a key and to try everything new! 😀

  • Murat Alanyurt


  • Kargad

    The most interesting feature for me is the lore.

  • Maurits Hartgerink

    garrisons looks really cool. plus the fact u get to see all the old horde.

  • Bobfred1066

    I would love to try out all of the upcoming class changes.

  • Christian Müller-Nilssen

    Id like one :)

  • Unbroken

    I’d so love a beta key

  • Rebecca Godfrey

    Garrison and new character models!

  • André Tetsuo


  • Christian

    Really looking forward to this Xpac!

  • Faline Frutsel

    The most interesting feature for me for WoD would be the updated female troll. I really cannot wait to see it.
    And how your gear changes with you when you change your spec, no more hassle for me when I want to quest as shadow and only heal in dungeons/raids :)

  • Chris

    Pretty cool stuff you guys.

  • Tisame

    I wouldn’t call it a feature, but I am looking forward to WoW going back to the Lore after the joke that was MoP

  • david

    une clef svp merci d avance

  • JHammer


  • Azural

    Most exciting feature would be the new caracter models. Wow is quite an old game and some fresh textures makes it enjoyable a lot more !

  • tino lueras

    garrisons are the coolest feature being added

  • rikudo666

    good luck too all ;). i really want to try the garrison

  • Guyon

    Garrison is

  • .cras

    Just letting looking forward to more pvp. So the most interesting feature for me are the Hunter talents, battlegrounds and arenas. Also, world pvp anyone?

  • Souless

    Goodluck all :)

  • Axel Thorsell

    Let me win

  • Willy

    My favourite thing is that there will be no flying!

  • Nur Almarsoomi

    I would like to win a beta key!

  • Karolina Kamut

    Thanks for giving us a chance, good luck everyone!

  • Stefan Göldner

    Beta Key here i come 😀

  • Kozu

    I think the most interesting things are the maps.

  • Gonah


  • Frederik van der Wath

    The new Maps and the new raiding system seems to be the big awesome points

  • Giulio Esse

    The new graphics and the garrisons !!

  • Riggers

    Gotta get that key!

  • Piotr Wielądek

    the most interesting feature of Warlords of Draenor for me is new mastery for elemental shaman !

  • PyPaw

    I like the idea of bringing down the damage as well as the garrison addition.

  • Wyrex

    Exploring Dreanor and Garrison

  • Claire S

    New battle pets!

  • Sigma

    Shaman class changes

  • Bernardo

    models and everything else

  • Faz

    Most interesting feature for me is the garrisons and the intergration of it into the zones

  • brayden

    key key i need key!

  • Mikeztarp

    The most interesting feature of Warlords of Draenor to me is the garrisons. Players can finally influence the world in which we play!

  • Ken Lim

    Garrisons here I come!

  • Lua


  • Fredrik Ishol Hallaren

    Would be awesome to win:D

  • Ayarea

    Most interesting in the raid content.

  • Zagnaphein

    Well it’s so nice to see many people around here again! Good luck to all of you i am already in the beta :)

  • merne

    Finally new models…

  • Tomáš Kubáček

    Most amazing feature tome? I think everything, but if I would have to choose it would be mechanics of reworked spells.

  • RaFa

    I want it!

  • Southshore Beach Club

    Item Squish

  • Alberto Impicciatore

    i Love the new rogue!

  • nokiddingbr4inless

    Can’t wait for Garrisons!

  • Thomas Hilado

    Awesome for you guys to do this.

  • BananaMan

    well hopefully i will win a key

  • horseplacenta

    thanks for hosting this giveaway!! hope i win :~)

  • Verdiana Calvetti

    Good luck guys!

  • Shilvers

    looking foward to mythic raiding would love a key to get hands dipped into that!

  • NikitasYaw

    Garrisons of course!

  • Bryan Mullen

    Here’s hoping

  • guestwantingakey

    Hoping for a key.

  • Robin

    fingers crossed!

  • Matthew Suardi

    Come on i need it!!..

  • Broski

    Most interesting feature has to be the Garrisons by far

  • irelax

    From the coast of Westfall, to Blackphantom Deeps, everyone asking for a beta key, hopefully i will win!!!! xP

  • TheHawkGr

    I hope to win

  • Hugo Raposo

    I would love a key!!!

  • Rallzz

    Hope I win a key! D:

  • Phovs

    Item stat squish…vanilla numbers ftw!

  • David Haxzar

    The most interesting feature? EVERYTHING! I’m god damn hyped with this expansion like never before, but Draenor and all the lore stuff is the most interesing I think<3

  • Vulcans

    Good luck to all 😀

  • Marcus

    I would like to see how the garrison will work.

  • m2tuu

    Ofc i want to try this game:D

  • Mike

    The most interesting feature is probably the garrisons, but the new models and the new area are definitely exciting!

  • Alexey

    GL ALL!

  • Ryan

    New Models and PvP :)

  • secogames

    Most anticipated feature are the trimming down of abilities and better pvp!

  • restonator

    I have played wow for 7 years now and i hope i win! :)

  • Ol1burke

    Key Plox

  • Carl

    Love almost every new feature in WoD. I’d love too win :)

  • Bjorn Kenis

    i would love a key
    since i can use for my facebook page and show content etc and ofc stream stuff when its possible and allowed to do so
    and besides that i would mention wowjuju in it

  • Aido

    Thank you – good luck for all! :)

  • HunterCommunity

    Lets rock the Draenor!

  • robroj

    Would love one!

  • Martin

    I would very much like a key for the wod beta <3

  • Samie N Matt

    I’m more excited for the model updates and time travel!

  • Salarias

    I Love the new Charakter Models!!!!

  • Kristina

    Good luck

  • Jarokwa

    Its kinda between garrisons and new character models for me.
    But if I really had to choose it’d be garrisons, I kinda like that our action bars will be less cluttered aswell.

    All around, seems like the best expansion since WotLK(disclaimer, opinion)

  • Tom

    The most interesting thing for me is the stat squish! How it took them so long to shrink the numbers back down to comprehensible values i dont know 😉

  • Vera De Vries

    Gotta love Garrison!!!

  • Gwylion

    New changes in moonkin!!

  • Arlathan

    WoD! Please pick me 😉

  • bubigrega

    I would like to get 1

  • Tim Dahl

    I’m deeply interested in the ability pruning as I feel many specs can be retuned completely

  • Vee

    Woop! Gimmie dat key.

  • mallixA

    Graphics :)

  • Зиеха


  • XTheDestroyerPN

    The most interesting feature would probably be for me the Garrisons.

  • GhostarnZ

    Garrisons is the feature im looking towards the most!

  • RagingSefirod

    Fingers Crossed

  • Chimaster

    Most interesting is the mythic 30 man raiding 4 sure

  • Grimlosios

    The most awesome feature is the player model update obivously!

    Hope ill win a key 😀

  • RagingSefirod


  • daniel

    wait for key

  • Andries Van Niekerk

    I am really looking forward to playing with my friends again. Excited about the number squish as things just got too hectic. Super excited about the garrisons.Seems like a cool feature for when I play casually. Beta footage I’ve seen…man it looks beautiful. Excited to try out the new secondary stats, especially multistrike.

  • Warsnake


  • Gorgor


  • Ichini

    Thanks for the opporttunity ;3

  • kikitheman

    thanks a lot !

  • arasplash

    I win!!!!111

  • Old School

    I need this to continue my journey on World of Warcraft! ♥

  • Mason


  • Daniel Anthony Pearce

    The most interesting feature of warlords for me would have to be the experience of going back to experience Draenor.

  • Jakob Boisen


  • Guest

    Need a key to admire those svelt Male Draenei models up close!

  • Dominic Kershaw

    I really, really want one :/

  • Kaxxy

    i’d love a key!

  • Lewis Benjamin Speak

    Yes please!

  • IKyon

    Cant wait to test warriors

  • Zhivko Zhelyazkov


  • Ryan Wilson

    Looking forward to the new character models!

  • Mdwiemann


  • Julijanas Ježov


  • Isiwien

    please give me one key!♥

  • Brack Friday Bunduru

    Garrisons…. GL

  • prljevics

    Nice giveaway.

  • Kridde

    Let the hope begin!, i tweet, and followed and liked :)

  • Preben

    I hope i win a key :)

  • Bialus

    Shammy Shammy Shammy OP

  • Urganot

    Great Chance, Thanks.

  • Ger Swanser


  • Axore

    The new char animations!

  • Jepe

    need key

  • Neme Sys

    good luck everyone 😀

  • jakubjandk

    thanks guys, appreciate your giveaway, greetings from Czech Republic :-)

  • Gurra87

    Been playing this vanilla alpha so gimmeeeh

  • Arko Annuk


  • Hakan Karadeniz

    Gief betakey pls

  • Adam Kingslayer Gill

    I NEED this, comeon man, don;t hold out on me, needs ma fix.

  • Danny Brasco

    If u dont give me key i’ll quit wow for sure….

  • Máté Horváth

    Beta yeeeey

  • Elias Sjöstrand

    No beta for me :(

  • Michał

    I’m really excited about garrisons!

  • Dranzer

    Good luck to everyone

  • Marcin Popko

    I’d love to get one :)

  • Kuba Stawicki

    Thanks Wowjuju’s for change to win :)))

  • Jimpanz Darkeye Aalto Welander

    “old school” Draenor 😀

  • Joao Braz

    The new cap, the new zones, the New Adventures!

  • Thryms

    The night time ofc.

  • Whasyt


  • Adam


  • Qaker

    Im so hyped.. 😀 best feature from my pov are healing changes.

  • Joseph Grech

    For the true Horde!!!

  • Piggy P

    This is amazing! 😀

  • Garrethon

    The most interesting thing about WoD is that you go back in time and go through the old story if grom, thrall and lot others

  • Lewis Maddison

    The new models. Love the original but change is always needed 😛

  • Rafał Wisiński


  • albin

    Let me win D:

  • Christoffer

    i’ll love to get 😀

  • Mezősi Viktor

    Lok’tar Ogar!!

  • Niskahiki

    Skill changes and item squish!

  • robyhr

    I can’t wait to battle the Iron Horde! :)

  • Lockyon

    lower numbers

  • Oliver Harrison

    Never win anything, you never know this time 😀

  • ◀IBRA▶


  • Nikolakos

    Good luck to all!

  • Martin Rátkai

    Fot the beta!

  • symura

    Blog post comment

  • Mateusz

    I cant w8 to see new raids and lvl of new mythic raids;p

  • Chubbz

    I like keys. I am the collector. Betroth a key to me and I shall test thy beta with utter success

  • danyboo97

    I want to try the new character models! <3

  • Satinee @ Aggramar

    This would be awesome! Fingers crossed!

  • C.

    Want! 😀
    WoD – Best WoW expansion ever!

  • Petros

    Updated Character Graphics.-

  • Doqmaster

    Would love to get into the new lvling zones/instances!

  • Chaos

    For The Horde ! :3

  • Hypzone

    wooooh, wod beta!

  • Jekon

    I hope to win

  • Eren


  • Isiwien

    changed secondary stats and garrisons

  • Benjamin Barnes

    Cracking competition!

  • Iphi

    Shaddow priests 5 orbs must be AWESOME

  • Puffwipe

    Key plaaaax 😉

  • Burak Arıcı

    New graphics and I really excited to see old Outland too.

  • Hólyfaith

    Hope I get into the beta, so I can test things.. Need the knowlegde as a GM of a guild!

  • yogulus


  • Thenedra


  • Jaime Madden Ruiz

    Key! for me! xD

  • Thomasteurd

    This is awesome!

  • smthz

    good luck peeps :)

  • Pandaolina

    For the Horde!:p

  • tobias

    i think that the mos interesting feature is that it kinda goes back to the burning crusade wich is my favorit exp by all time :)

  • Kevin


  • Gillie


  • Wiseved

    Garrison best feature!

  • Nikifor Simeonov

    I’d like to get one!

  • Hardil

    I keep my fingers crossed!

  • Josef Novotný

    changed secondary stats and garrisons

  • Ole


  • Roope Backlund

    Garrison and normalizing stats etc!

  • Ageofkings

    WoD ftw !

  • ChuzzleShpek

    I think the most interesting feature is models rework

  • Pavel Vacovský

    I wanna try Alliance lore on Dreanor and I look forward to Garrisons

  • ben

    I’m looking forward to doing a punch on an orc and making spells

  • Tom

    The talents!

  • roscosmos

    Beta key hype!

  • Sythur

    Would be great to win!

  • Adam E.

    Mythic raiding will be awesome!

  • Chubbz

    Most interesting feature? New stats!

  • Yakrel

    I must win this one

  • Hampău Alin

    The most interesting feature is the new character model.

  • Matyso0099

    i have hope…

  • Andrei

    Thanks for the oportunity !

  • Dimitris Daoulas

    Good Luck!!Garrisons!!

  • Aris Vissarion Papavasileiou

    I want to win a key for exploring the new world and fill up Blizzard with any probs might have the beta for fixing.Also i want to wish good luck to everyone.

  • Patrik Johansson

    The new build system seems really interesting and i would love to see how it works and how you work toward your own base.

  • Alexander

    Would love a key :)

  • Ostrit

    The most interesting feature has to be the remodelling of the races, can’t wait to see my characters looking actually decent :p

  • Robin

    The class makeovers!

  • Neroslaw

    Gieb meh da ki!

  • Ellila

    Keys for days!

  • vonapartis

    The Garrisons..!!!

  • Leah Hope

    Key plx!

  • Pontus Lolodina Källstrand

    Key please 😀

  • Christian Sejer

    Most exciting thing is the garrison!

  • iBiCixZ

    Garrisons for sure! 😛

  • emil löräng


  • Skeeve

    Those new rogue changes look mighty fine

  • Mandafix

    Key please! ^^

  • Ege Baysal

    good luck…. if you can ofc

  • Erik Tengerström


  • Deviner

    I’m in it to win it! 😛

  • jupe

    key please!

  • Petr

    I want a key! :-)

  • efrem

    waiting for a key!

  • Gustav

    The most interesting feature for me is either the Garrison or all the new lore stuff :)

  • Paul

    The new models, cause i love teh shinies!

  • Jo Cole

    for the hoarde

  • Nicolai

    The most interesting feature is the World. I really enjoy the new world. Its beautiful and really nice. I also really look forward too the new Garrison feature. Gonna be amazing ! AND dont forget the new models!!! #CantWait

  • Justyna K.

    Garrison is going to be awesome!

  • Marius

    Garrison and lvl 100 talents is what I am looking forward too!

  • motto

    cool let me win 1 pls :)

  • Christos

    Would love to win the key !

  • Garden

    soo looking forward to this. love to see dreanor

  • Klaudijus

    I want one plz!:D

  • Apocalyptan

    Let’s go! 😀

  • Indii

    i hope i get a key i have loved playing all of the expansions in wow and would play to win this 😀

  • Lucas Flink

    Garrisons is the best, by far, new feature added to the game! And of course the new continent!

  • Rui Canedo

    Just the thought of seeing Draenor, it’s going to be great!

  • Xtheel

    Most interesting feature for me is the new artwork for the characters and Draenor.

  • GrashOverride

    Could use a key! :)

  • Ovidiu Stoian

    The exquisite character modle and the base attack modes + Garrison and Shadowmoon Valley in the Beta

  • Kageroo

    skrimish arenas

  • Per

    All my friends got invited to the beta expect me! Would be awesome to become a part of it.

  • Denise

    I would also love to win a key! :)

  • iLikeCookiezToo

    The most interesting part in WoD is that there will be way less insta heals on healers :D. I hope to win a key ^^

  • WallensteinPost

    Cant wait for WoD

  • greedhunter

    Of course its garrisons

  • Zach

    Ahh really hope i win 😀

  • ultrasrapid


  • Moe


  • willowmoss

    Fingers crossed! Been playing 8 years and I never get a beta :(

  • Raven

    The deadline is July 24th, 2013. lel

  • Richard Genkar Kašlík

    I love WoW.I hope i can win a key

  • daniel

    omg give key

  • emilio

    definitely the garrisons. I think it will add great dynamic to the game

  • Raptoxx

    The most interesting feature is probably Garrisons

  • T3flon

    I would love to play WoD because of a lore that it represents :)

  • the motherfucking wolfman


  • Juandré Rautenbach

    I would do anything to get a WoD Beta Key. I have recently started playing WoW again, I have been a WoW addict for 5 years now. Took a break for 4 months, and came back with a Vengeance. Cannot get enough of this game. Winning a BETA key would mean the world to me and I would be forever greatful. Cant wait for the Garrisons

  • ToonQuill

    Can’t wait to try garrisons out. I was a massive WC3 fan and Garrisons remind me heavily of those good old days.

  • Arnold Grinevič

    The revamped character models :)

  • Ortefox

    I would like this key 😀

  • Nyn

    The coolest feature by far is the new garrisons!! 😀

  • Rapsos

    I tottaly want that key 😛

  • krink

    nice to win

  • Beinion


  • Eristoffblack

    Garrison is definitly the best thing that comes up with it.

  • Tomáš Lenger

    rebuilded hunter class #hunterino

  • Lana

    I hope I win too!

  • monsteht

    Maybe someday i will win a single key…

  • Baris

    I want to test Warlords of Draenor, i hope to win.

  • Leeredon Krasniqi

    ive been waiting weeks for a key come on!!!!

  • Timo Leinders

    i hope to win so badly 😮

  • Gherghisan Cristian

    I think it’ll be the best expansion.

  • Jack Enargom

    Hope i win

  • Guest


  • Cansu Deniz

    I hope I win

  • Janusz

    What is the best? Gazions ofc and 100 lvl 😀

  • Jess

    Done =]

  • Necip Can Karakuş

    wow jujuuuuujujujujujuuu

  • Tobias Pellegrini

    M8 manz want a beta key right now otherwise man crie

  • Mihail Seykov

    The best feature is the hp and dmg nerf!

  • Vornicu Denis

    Count me in!

  • Sir G


  • Houbal

    Very big improvement is new skins, I absolutely love them :)

  • Nguyen Bao Loc

    The story itself. Back in time when orcs were the ruling people. AWESOME!

  • Griewer

    Let’s see who will win a one-way ticket to Draenor Beta 😛

  • nejc

    i cannot wait until this comes out

  • Charl

    NEEEEEEEDDDDD IT!!!! lolz. no seriously I would be so overjoyed at winning a beta key. Here’s hoping

  • gothyinpink

    I want eeet 😀

  • mihael

    i wanna beta key!

  • Turawk

    Nice one!

  • Karel Medenblik

    garrison and new models

  • Abdelhak Smara

    I want to test my different classes !

  • Aleksi Okulov

    im so intrested about the Garrison thing in warlords of draenor :)

  • Brianna Hemmendinger

    WoD seems awesome, I’d like to test out everything they changed

  • lord of anarchy


  • David Majerik

    I wanna dat key guys!

  • Norbert Szűcs

    New character model!

  • Woopy

    Good luck guys!

  • Ingmar de Heiden

    Crossed my fingers!

  • skazzle

    give me one

  • Andy

    Need !

  • Filip Andersson

    I think the Garrison looks really cool, and it will be nice that they’re scaling the health and damage so it will feel like the old days again!

  • banadona

    The most interesting feature for me is hands down the Garrison. Love the companions and the quests.

  • Michelle Petersson

    I’m hoping for the best! I’m such a nerd and so curious. 😀 who says girls don’t love to play wow etc. aswell? ;D

  • Maxxei

    Hope I win :)

  • Marco Caldas

    Garrison for sure 😀

  • Skinke

    plz let me win I need the beta key because my name is Skinke

  • mihael

    i wanna play draenei shaman!

  • Woopy


  • James Todd

    Good luck everyone

  • Goblincz

    New model of human and nelf

  • Aeldra

    Pls I want just a key :)

  • JW

    New models, finally

  • Deke

    Garrison are cool!

  • Marux

    The new world :)

  • Guardian111

    Please give me 1 Key

  • Daan de Keizer

    it is awsome so lets try 4 beta

  • Chiș-Dan Liviu


  • amaddison

    Fingers crossed!

  • Esther

    Me wants a keeeeey!

  • Steve

    Fingers Crossed!

  • István Proszenyák

    I’m not need the all betakeys, just one. ^^

  • Zhortul

    would love to get a chance for beta!

  • Dana Post

    yeeesss please 😀

  • Kaiji

    a key to the greatest expansion ever, yes please! :)

  • sealfate

    Yay beta keys 😀

  • Simon Hughes

    cant wait for garrisons tbh – really liked Farmville so its a great step for me!

  • Tomer Rubinchik

    The gerrison the new model new zone and every thing blizzard can offer in the new expension WoD, this expension looks sick!

  • Cenas

    I think the most interesting feature is the Garrison.

  • Lathander

    I would love to win 😉

  • Doruk

    want to experience the book rise of the horde for real please!

  • Adam

    The 20 man raid setting

  • fwoggajin

    The most interesting thing is gromm hellscream.

  • Roosa Elimäki


  • TheExodarus

    I’m looking forward to the new character models!

  • Mikula Gergő

    I would really love to see the yet unknown lore from the past of Draenor.

  • Apusko

    I hope i will win it :)

  • Zechy

    I love it!

  • terri

    the character remodels

  • john farrell

    yes please

  • John

    Looking forward to my contribution to The Horde strongholds. Meta game getting more interesting with each expansion.

  • Pavol Čurilla

    hope to win :3

  • Jonis

    I will win yo!

  • Tibu

    I hope i’ll win a key^^

  • Matti Rundelin

    Omfg I’ve been waiting for this so loong >8DD I’d like to know is it possible to upload a video about the beta to YouTube yet :3

  • Taurocretan

    There are too many features to name! The toybox will be amazing because I’ll finally be able to clear my bags out. I also like that they’ve added another tab to void storage. I just like to keep my gaming organised! Haha 😀

  • Niklas Wood

    WoD is hopefully the ¨rebirth¨ of WoW for me! I think they killed the game slightly with MoP and Cata, so I am really excited! 😀

  • Matěj Kopa

    I hope, that i will win:)

  • Dávid Lisovszki

    Will July 24th, 2013 come again? I’d like to win it in 2014 😉

  • Түвшинбаатарийн Мишээл

    Love to get Key!!

  • Alex Weaver

    I can’t wait for the new character models : D

  • Milton Sá

    After beta testing Mists of Pandaria, I HAVE to test Warlords of Draenor!

  • Defiler

    Looking forward to this one

  • Dedoqg

    new models and garrisons

  • Marcina Ornat

    If I win I will change my life

  • Dzwiedz

    Hope I win 😀

  • Mara


  • scytalevsbijaz

    << winner

  • LSalem

    Garrsions are going to be amazing!

  • Jay B

    New character models.

  • amn

    New models and garrisons! Want…now! 😀

  • kris

    Give me a key 😀

  • jips1993

    Bring on WoD!

  • Velislav Dimitrov

    “What’s the most interesting feature of Warlords of Draenor for you?”
    of course the new character models!!
    and good luck to all :))

  • Marcus Hult

    Hope I get one!

  • Emby

    Need this key in my life!

  • Traiitoor .

    I love pandas

  • Virg

    Hand it over.

  • Urraca

    Amazing :) Garrison, item stats squish, less buttons to press… lots to check

  • jamie angell

    definitely the garrisons

  • Yusuke

    Just gief me a key!

  • João


  • Cory Rodney Reece

    The item squish is what im most interested about i need to see how it feels :)

  • Aerandul

    Garrisons are by far the best part of WoD. Watched a walkthrough of one yesterday – it’s as big as some capital cities!

  • jason

    i hope i win :)

  • sqsq


  • Nads Tobiasen

    Id like to see what the item squish will be like during leveling

  • JazzyJones

    Always, a slight chance to win so why not :-)

  • Láto Gergely

    Garrison ofc! :)

  • Tore Myklebust

    I hope to win!

  • Tobias Karlsson

    I’d love me a betakey, gotta try out all the new stuff 😀

  • Kamil Durski

    Can’t wait for new content – leveling is the best part of WoW!

  • Martin

    give me a key now

  • Tobias Pellegrini

    Can’t wait for WoD to come out. It will hopefully make me feel like I am in BC again

  • Tanzar

    I hope I can win one.

  • Or Gindes

    I can’t wait for some shadowmoon valley lore

  • Ilija Milosevic

    Most interesting thing is that they are scaling hp and everything like it was in wotlk 😀

  • shadowhound

    i would love to get lvl 100 and see the dps and health for my destro warlock :3

  • Gaz

    hope i win

  • TheNut

    Would love to see the new character models + PvP ofcourse =D

  • Ballintina

    I looking up for Garrison

  • Droagos

    I wanna test the grass phisycs!

  • Rasmus Jensen

    I want it!

  • Kanja

    Interested to see what’s new.

  • fappel

    gl all

  • Niuva

    I wish I’d get a key. Want to play with a friend of mine who got in already :/
    Good luck to all! 😀

  • We are back

    C’mon i want a beta key for 1st time in my WoW life

  • Mihai

    The new models are awesome

  • Affe Lindblom

    raising of the lvl cap and the new worlds gonna be awesome!!!!=)

  • Dorisen

    I think the Garrison looks really cool, and it will be nice that they’re scaling the health and damage so it will feel like the old days again!

  • Gumma Raiation

    I would love a beta key for this ^-^ i am a massive fan of WoW, I’m making a slyvanas Windrunner cosplay for mcm london comicon for october!

  • MK0rtes


  • Ivan Hrozný

    Cheers !

  • Akis Lytos

    Warlords of Draenor will rock

  • Przemek Primus

    New models!

  • Azunai

    Left WoW in Pandaria but I really hope to get a chance to play WoD

  • Sicayes

    Most interesting feature? Garrison! Really excited to see how that works out.

  • Sebastian Housset


  • cilas graff nissen

    I wonna win a key cuz im curious to see WoD

  • Lisa

    Finger crossed

  • Wojtek

    The most interesting feature of Warlords of Draenor for me are new instances and bosses! For the HORDE!

  • madmandan90

    I need to win a key, For The Horde!

  • Stannis B

    Most interesting part will be the new Iron Horde which is technically in a different timeline from ours :)

  • Michael Hansen

    Time to win a key so i can try out my class in WoD

  • Rok Jelovšek

    The best feature is the epicness of old outlands.

  • Alexander Umnus

    I’d love to try out the beta. Goodluck to everyone :)

  • Baki

    I need that keeeey! 😀

  • Docxx


  • Apachaiek

    GL everyone

  • Expancion

    I would like to try WoD bcoz’ im looking foward to buy the collectors edition, and I just cant wait to play the game, and want to see what will happen on dreaneor and i want to know more about lore of the game, what is behind and stuf.

  • Filip Radzikowski


  • Maciej Unskilled

    i hope i win :)

  • Gimboid

    Need WoD to get back into WoW. SoO has gotten stale

  • Lucas Lundkvist


  • Joseph Rogers

    Warrior is broken xD

  • Aleksandar

    Garrisons and new primary and secondary stat changes :)

  • Jørn Sørensen

    The feature I’m most excited about is that we finally get to see the Warlords of Draenor in their prime! 😀

  • Cherecheș Bolog Denis

    awesome stuff i hope i get it 😀

  • Štěpán Kulina

    I hope :)

  • Dony07

    Key please !

  • Jonathan “Milo” West

    The most interesseting thing about WoD are the garrisons and the item squish

  • Amandri Coetsee

    Garrisons! The new models are also a huge plus.

  • petr

    Time to win a key.

  • Mjouze


  • Vickto

    The most interesting feature so far to WoD would be either the Garrison or the stat chang

  • rosshinch

    GL guys ^^

  • isac oskarsson

    I think the most interesting part of Warlords of Dreanor is the plot since im a hugh fan of the history of the Warcraft world, and ofcourse the new character models and new awesome graphic. :)

  • Teck


  • Duarte Costa

    I can’t wait for the expansion!!!! It’ll be great!

  • Charlie

    This key would most probably bring me back to wow!

  • Ronald Buys

    WOEHOE, love to play it!

  • becausecarrots

    crossing fingers!

  • Bdiz

    Key plox!

  • Wesley Aslanoglou

    Aww yeah baby WoW revival expansion!

  • Fajka

    I think the most interesting feature is ofc Garrison 😉

  • Tomzkk

    Garrisons (and the fact I get it for free [hope] 😀 )

  • Milan Cvijanovic

    I hope i win, need to see that Garrison 😀

  • Keram

    New character models

  • DavidAldyBem

    wheee i want it

  • Cw1X

    This would be cool :)

  • Matthew

    Hope to win :)

  • Robert

    hope i get a beta key wod look awsome need find some bug so im not waiting so long to go live

  • Zinzoo

    New challenge mode transmog chinggg!

  • Chiggz

    a key would b awesome =D =D

  • André Edgar Nielsen

    Happy hunting

  • Kanagra

    I wanna see draenor and garrison, that’s so interesting

  • Khalfan Rumaithi

    kEY OR DEATH! <3
    World of warcraft for life 😀

  • Lucy

    Let’s try this!

  • Jarruraita

    New zones and the new raid content

  • ryan

    its outland, but good

  • Terry Dante Watson

    Like the Queen song goes “just gimme the prize”

  • Rodean

    Would love to check out the new player models!

  • Благой Чубриев


  • Jordan McCaughey

    Best feature will defiantly be the Garrison

  • Toxx

    deadline is July 24th, 2013??

  • GiWrgos Tsirikoudis

    For the horde!!!

  • Dakor


  • Daniel Espelid

    The garrisons look awesome! And, of course, the new character models!

  • Andry

    I really want to win one Beta Key

  • Neph

    Hope to see those garrisons, fingers crossed!

  • Nimphidia

    Most interesting feature in warlords of draenor. New content offcourse.

  • gurra

    Hope i win

  • ZeroThe Zee

    my key 😛

  • RinO

    Trip into the past and much better graphics.

  • Opelord

    Well for me WoD is mainly about the lore and I’m hyped that we will be able to see Draenor how it used to be before the Burning Legion. And if you ask me about one feature, as a PvP type of player, I will choose a new battleground.

  • cartman382

    gimme that one pleaaaase i beg you 😀

  • Igor

    Garrisons for sure

  • Aseklor

    New models are the most interesting feature imo.

  • Dominik Waszak

    New content and new models

  • Akcelerator

    I’d test it hard as hell 😀

  • Destin

    God i want the Beta so much

  • Dobromir Ivanov

    Lore should be interesting but I have my eye on the Garrison as well :)

  • ioannis marazakis

    Garrisons and myThic Raiding,, Cant wait

  • Brano

    Hope to win 😀

  • getrekt

    For me, the most interesting thing is the new PvP zone Ashran

  • Deep House

    wow awesome i am so eger to play with new human character

  • Tomek

    New ground.

  • Emil Flyghed


  • Gareth Tandy

    This will stop me from been bored

  • Bob

    Hope I win the key! Really want to go into the beta!

  • hefe

    would be cool to see the new game!

  • Endi Ymeri

    Hope I win Warlords of Draenor Beta Key been waiting so much for it!!

  • Felix Pajen Staf

    OMG this is just awesome!

  • vhtomm

    Would love a key!

  • Filip Barda

    Nice muscular characters.

  • Leszek

    would be great!

  • Ash Matthews

    New dungeons <3

  • Szelma

    Want this key! 😀

  • Canti

    Yey WoD!

  • Crainic Bogdan

    garrison..surely the best thing

  • Matt

    Gimmee key

  • tados111

    The new quests and talents :)

  • jarol9

    New characters models!

  • Zamanor


  • Guest

    My favorite features are the numbers reductions on items and spells….to many 000’s :-s

  • sasuke ushiha

    now THIS is a giveaway!

  • Nessy

    Probably the lore for me

  • Minna


  • RandomStranger

    The deadline is July 24th, 2013. ? So anyone should have applied a year ago?

  • Tractorel

    Wanna check the item squish already!

  • abacka

    Hope we win!

  • Jeron

    Hunter changes!

  • chimefaxx

    Victory for Sylvanas!

  • Totusoti

    Maybe not the “most interesting feature”, but certainly a much needed one: the re-sculptering of the avatars!

  • Zladar

    My favorite features are the numbers reductions on items and spells….to many 000’s :-s and of course the fortress.

  • Arpi575

    Really nice thing Wowjuju! Draenor will be the best MMO!

  • Steffen Pedersen

    Really want to check out garrsions :)

  • Grzegorz

    Wow it’s my dream 😀

  • Ogamiasthsgitonias

    i hope to get this key.

  • Caranthir

    The most interesting feature is garrison, im rly excited for that 😀

  • Markus

    I feel the luck in this one! #warlordshype

  • Marcus

    feed me

  • Lix

    The Garrison and i am crossing my fingers for a key!

  • Georgi Buyukliev

    The most interesting feature would be the toning down of CC in PvP. It’s gotten pretty much ridiculous over the expansions. The power creep is real. Needs nerf ;d

  • Mike van Laar

    I’d like one!

  • Tay

    Haven’t managed to get one yet, maybe this is my chance! :)

  • Mechanus

    Can’t wait for the Garnissons

  • Luaeghl

    The toybox sounds pretty awesome, and the new character models should look great 😀

  • luhash

    lvl 100 talents

  • Milan

    I would like to participate in beta.

  • Łukasz Łatacha

    A key would be awesome

  • kuturin

    I hope i will win

  • Filip

    It was nice to get the beta key. ZA HORDE!

  • Trolladianus

    Lel I wanna win, Kappa

  • Keltwyn

    Wooo! Wow Beta 😀

  • Carl

    give me please

  • Buffzila

    hope dies last … Win will be mine .. :-)

  • bioball

    Awesome comp!

  • hajj


  • Mickey Withøft Grønlund Larsen

    I am definetly most excited for the Garrison feature :D!

  • arku gnaownu


  • Jakob Arntzen

    I think the most interesting thing about WoD is the New character models :)

  • Otto


  • Nik

    I would love to win a key because all, literaly ALL my friends got beta.

  • Nicholas A D Smit

    Gotta love the new models the most C:

  • SıratÇınar

    thanks for giving a chance

  • Bogdan C.

    Nice! Hope I’ll win! xD

  • Petr Endy

    Back to Outland, hurray! :)

  • Marci

    new models !

  • Tupe

    If i would get it i would (fap) to the code everynieght everyday

  • Wundersh

    i Would love a key

  • Vylendis

    Looking forward to seeing Warlords, best of luck to everyone hoping to get a key!

  • Dread

    i will really enjoy the new zones in draenor

  • blabla

    the most interesting thing is the garrison

  • Jason

    Looking forward to the new models! 😀

  • SuperManBearPig

    + all the lore

  • Keffie

    The statsquish

  • Daniel Stærfelt Schreiber

    me 2

  • sufiyaan

    i would love to win a key

  • LeeCoopa

    thanks for giving a chance

  • Àbris Tar

    I would like to explore Garrisons

  • Emil Malmsten

    If I win a key I will make potato sallad and live stream it

  • valottaja

    wanna testout the shammys !

  • William

    Key must be mine ! 😀

  • Armelbl


  • icefrostchiller

    have to try mage!

  • Nicula Alin

    Garrisons, by far..

  • Stian


  • Vladie

    i really want it

  • Benowar

    After a LONG break from WoW, I think the Garrison is the biggest thing I wanna see :)

  • kiracha

    Lets do this 😀

  • artturi kinnunen

    the most interesting thing, is taking away some abilities and new pvp system without huge CC amount.

  • R4N14K

    Draenor mostly, than models and garison

  • Lofigus

    Garrison, definately

  • Rasserman

    Awesome I hope that I will win! 😀

  • NerkoU

    Nananananana Win!

  • David007

    should have included google+ too

  • jolterz

    awesome thx for this :)

  • Plaxiz

    The lore is what im most excited for, along with that it’s the new raid difficultty and scaling.

  • Matic Ostojic

    Let’s see how much luck there is for me =3

  • Trixylol

    Playin for years, never tried beta’s..

  • WooTToW

    Hope, i’ll win too (:

  • Jevaderp

    I’m so looking forward to this expansion it’s not even funny to wait anymore D:

  • iPwNix

    Awesomeness =D

  • simsoma


  • Renso

    Garrison of course and alternative history of orcs, draenei and etc.

  • gladie

    lets win a beta key!:D

  • David Ryt

    I would to win one beta key ! :)

  • Marcus Östgård

    As a roleplayer, I can’t but love the possibilities of Garrisons; however, I wish we could have them in old world zones too, and Northrend!

  • Daniel Kunkt


  • Don Bertleff

    Can’t wait to check out the new garrisons and new lands. So excited.

  • Turhan

    new model looks!

  • Andrew Birchall

    Looking forward trying out WoD beta i hope i win :) GL eveyone

  • nathan neville

    My favourite feature of WoD is the new character models.

  • Jaco du Preez

    Character models, raiding changes, warlock mythic T17!

  • José Veenstra

    Really looking forward to the new character models & darker nights! And ofc ALL the raids! :3

  • Dániel Nagy


  • Jeroen Ruis

    It would be awesome to beta test it!

  • Guilherme

    the Garrisons i think it will be a very interesting feature

  • Broddan

    Maybe this time one can get lucky. Want to explore all that is new

  • Anestis

    it’s good to see Grom hellscream again he is my favorite character. :)
    I hope not see him dead or need two kill him :(

  • sozue

    Would be soo cool to check out Garrison!

  • Siira

    After 8 years of playing WoW and not a single beta-key, I’d very much like to win. :) Nonetheless, good luck everyone and grats to the winners in advance!

  • izanaki

    I think that the best future is that the max hp is 60k.

  • Frostveins

    I was initially skeptical about Garrisons but I feel that it will turn out to be an interesting feature provided there will be a diverse amount of customization.

  • Mads

    Can’t wait for this expansion! Finally something interesting is happening to the lore

  • Kellsar

    The most interesting feature in Warlords for me has to be the Garrisons.

  • Ravage

    Would be nice to checkout the beta!

  • kotelko


  • gabi


  • Sacri

    Gimme dat key!

  • Puny Human

    I am looking forward to Garrisons the most in WoD

  • IncubuS

    I was waiting for such giveaways, hope i will get it :)

  • Miguel Silva

    New spells! Thanks :)

  • Erik Palm

    New models!!

  • George Counterman

    Always getting excited for new pve content!!!

  • sero2k00

    New Lore!!!

  • Orestes


  • Jasenko Palekčić

    I am really looking forward to garrisons and the new raid model…cheers!

  • hulkusz

    Never got a beta acces to anything, hope this changes 😀

  • Marc Tolderlund

    A Beta Key would be nice

  • gondiathorn

    WoD is gonna be awesome! i can’t wait

  • Honi

    Fingers crossed!

  • Zdeněk Karaffa

    Garrison and no flying (welcome world pvp, again :) )

  • Dean

    looking forward to those new models 😀

  • Ferdrag

    Small chance to win 😀

  • Mikey Knight

    Much Beta Very Test

  • Frederico Seco

    Give one key 😀

  • BenJmiin

    Would love to get a key to see if i can fall in love with this game again. its been 8 years now. gotta refresh my love!

  • Nayaimi

    The most interesting is the Garrison! But also the new character models!

  • Konsta Huupponen

    i would like to get key!

  • Panos Nentzos

    wowjuju for the win 😀

  • André Pereira


  • Ainarien

    I’m so looking forward for Warlords of Draenor, new expansion, history, encounters – ALL OF THAT! Can’t wait!

  • Äländ

    No doubt garrisons are going to be amazing

  • Gergő T. Fehér

    i really want to get a Key!

  • Kacper

    Skipping the gameplay, I think the most intriguing is how lore will be back to Warcraft, Pandas and Cataclysm was a little off the coast compared to WotLK or even BC… Now we get to see Gul’Dan, Grommash and other lore-wise interesting character. I hope we will get some epic questlines and raid features,

  • Mikko Huupponen

    I really hope I get this beta key 😛

  • Filip Soukup

    I hope I win one :)

  • blaitlack

    What I look forward to most is visiting Outland in the past :)

  • Hrdla

    I’d love to win 😛

  • Warbor

    me win need key i win

  • Erin Bagel Auty

    Totally want a WoD key! <3

  • AdorableSaucer

    I can’t WAIT for the New Troll models! And all the others, of course.

  • Malutka

    New Character models and of course garrisons!

  • Gnarff


  • Tronberr

    Entered every entry possible, would love to win! 😀

  • freddy

    i want a key !

  • Βασιλης Τζακοβ

    I am a big wow fan playing since Lich king I hope i get a key !!

  • Simon Kelly

    The new character models look great, looking forward to Warlords release.

  • Thias

    I never win! i hope i win this one!

  • CryOfMadness

    Best game ever i hope i win it game of my whole life…

  • A.Andrei

    The new Garrison feature , really looking forward into it . Also the new character models , WoW models needed a change and now they look epic .

  • Ivan Radić

    Let’s see… 😀

  • Wicherek

    Garrison will be the msot interesting feature I guess


    I hope I ll win too+

  • Volkan Onat

    That key leads to my new world!

  • lllololll

    Hello plz pick

  • Marcus Hulander

    The most intresting feature of WoD for me is the new class rewamps, alot of classes have been asking for it for ages ( such as hunters ) and we’re finally ( minor revamp however IMO ) getting one :)!

  • Almoace

    I think the most interesting feature is the Garrison & the convient way of seeing all are looms & toys.

  • Krystian

    Garrison, it’s great 😀

  • Alex Penhallurick


  • Trithshyl

    Stat Squish I am Looking forward to, and garrisons. Plus would love to see the new raids

  • Farry7

    Looking for a key for such a long time…

  • MrSigfred

    i came here to leave a comment and win a beta key, and im done writing my comment.

  • Eero Karvinen

    this sounds like fun to try. Allthough would love to get a key! since healing classes will change so mutch.

  • Jimboo79

    Cool, hope i win! :)

  • Borko Panić

    Pretty good 😛 Hope i get 1 key as well 😀

  • mungobash

    Wanna test the garrison

  • Kalma

    Garrisons are really appealing to me, so is the new tetriary stats and so.

  • K_theepan

    can i have a beta key as well please

  • sparkssie

    After a 7 month break from the game a beta key would rock my world <3

  • Dominik

    The most interesting feature of Warlords of Draenor are new models and talents. I would love to test them!

  • Blank Aoi

    whoohoo i searching for this

  • Danny

    I’d love to win a lovely key! :)

  • Griffonul

    Garrison …. and everything else -.-

  • Bjarne Arnoldussen

    like if you just comment for free wod key

  • Ailwind

    nice gj! good luck 😀

  • andre lilleland

    garrisons <3

  • Majd Mounayer

    The new character models..
    The new world of Draenor <3
    The new everything <3 :')

  • Girjin

    i want it bad D:

  • Claude


  • Z-Schavlik

    The nostalgia with Grom, Ner’Zul gul’dan etc.

  • ~Dedicationツ~

    I needdddd oneeee *.*

    I just need to test WoD! :3, Ps. I love the new things about it, Like places and stuff :)

  • Paw

    Gief key please! 😀

  • Aaron

    Cmon rng !

  • Pablix

    Fingers Crossed, Hopefully I will win one 😀

  • jesper

    Garrison and the new character models! :)

  • Ogur

    I think the most interesting thing in WoD are new locations with thier lore and garrisons :)

  • Kenan Fuat TÜRETKEN

    Building my own garrison gonna be great!

  • Tabaczino

    I must heav key! 😀

  • crovzz


  • wolf1438

    I am just wondering how Draenor looked like before it was destroyed

  • emil

    this is going to be so much fun 😀

  • ShadowFlayer

    New character models 😛 Key please ^^

  • Dávid Serák


  • Rocky Kerridge

    Nice i really want beta key

  • Woodsy’s Gaming

    The new garrisons and character models are gonna make WoD better than MoP.

  • Veresi Crafterek


  • Jujitsu

    GL to all the participants !

  • taranama

    garrisons and new character models! 😀

  • th3c4u

    Most interesting feature? New race models…

  • Daniel Huggins

    giff beta key, k-thakz

  • MrRobeasca

    i would love a beta key so much

  • Thunderelfo


  • Fayne2258

    The garrisons, and I love the new models!

  • Marcin Wilk

    For The Alliance!

  • Axel Rapp

    Best of luck everyone!

  • Sabahudin Sejfic

    Garrison for sure

  • Nikolaj Falkland Bøgh Sørensen

    Warcraft 2 reborn! 😀

  • amin kawtharani


  • David Kazák

    I think Garrison is best feature in the WoD

  • Juraj Bilčík


  • Stasys

    Cant wait for WOD got a key for MOP and reported alot of bugs. Now im waiting for WOD

  • Pedro Miguel

    New UBRS seems awsome! fingers crossed!

  • Nick Tyler


  • Etalier

    Going for the win!

  • Fe.kx


  • Crackers

    I’d love to get one. Good luck to everyone who enters!

  • Phione

    Removing one-shots!

  • Anders Winther

    This looks like a good chance to win some Keys 😀

  • Jimmy Rauma

    The most intresesting abput Warlords pf Dreanor, is the lore

  • Dudás Tamás

    I hope ill win a beta key

  • Gelana

    yay! <3

  • Stefan Popovici

    good luck everyone

  • Fredrik Nordenberg

    i Dream about WOD give me key 😛

  • Kosa Attila Barna

    For me the most interesting features are the Garrison, and the new secondary stats.
    And it’s not a feature, but I’m dying to know more about the story.

  • spyger

    Yeaa 😉 beta key

  • 1Bernix


  • Muciki

    The model upgrades!

  • Monolith


  • matthew

    most important for me is the stat squish and also removal of so many spells ! 😀

  • Ali Farhadian

    i need a key :((

  • Renn

    I’m really exited for Garrisons

  • David


  • Nicole

    a beta key would be seriously awesome !!

  • Zareth

    W00t! Would love to participate in the WoD beta and test + give feedback about Balance Druid changes and help form and tweak the spec!

  • Serondrych

    Time to try out our luck!

  • Sorin Pop

    much WOW much WOD kappa

  • k

    i want to see the new models!

  • Rafaellich

    give give *.*

  • KrispyKream

    The things I’d do to get into that beta…. 😀

  • Erez

    Garrisons are for sure most interesting feature in upcoming expansion.

  • Corneliu

    Most interesting new feature is probably garrisons.

  • mii

    Nice 😉

  • Anton Smushkevich

    maybe i will return to WoW after all :)

  • Soraya

    Yes Yes! Want to try this so bad. <3

  • Warex

    keeeeeey ! 😀

  • Nitsuhe

    Its awesome how they doubled the hit points

  • Daniel Michael Melven Healing

    Luck or Not

  • Lucian Apetrei

    The best feature would probably be the original team that has returned to make this expansion 😀 yey old school!

  • Robin Emans

    would be the first time ever for me to beta 😛 😀 will make me deside to buy the game 😛

  • Grandine09

    Let’s try win this key ^^

  • Ure

    New adventure :)

  • awdaw


  • danny cross


  • nick

    I would love to test the new expansion i have been waiting for so long

  • Ionut Tudose

    garrison… definitly…

  • Niklas

    New character models

  • pim den butter

    love wow and all its expansions so this one would come in handy

  • Stanex


  • Ishtarius

    Best giveaway ever!

  • droledian


  • joep

    i really hope i win !

  • Charly ‘Chaz’ Hallam

    New models, gimme dat key, oh, and Karabor ;w;

  • Tamas Arpad

    Draenor would be a very awesome place !!!

  • Nova

    Fingers crossed :)

  • Toby

    I would really love to try the beta

  • Kidneytickler


  • Abdu Sah

    Cant wait !

  • **Cupcake**

    the new character models. 😀

  • Matt Smith

    I would love to give some feedback to the devs for this new expansion!

  • Casper

    Class changes/new models and animations

  • József Simon

    New character models!



  • Antti Nummela

    I am not sure whether to buy the next expansion or not, so trying out the beta would help me make my decision! (:

  • sexy tiger

    i love the garrisons

  • SeKoL

    I’m really excited about the garrison feature. Maybe it’ll bring back Warcraft III memories!

  • Richard ‘Risak’ Šípek


  • Jędrek Słobodzian

    Can’t wait for new models, mythic raids and a journey back to my beloved Outland/Draenor

  • Tom N

    My favourite feature in WoD is deffinetly 10 more levels! I love questing!

  • Rontheking

    Would love to try out the new hunter changes they are making 😀

  • Socca

    Would love to win a key! Best of luck to anyone that does :)

  • Marco

    I would be so gratefull if i’d win a key 😀

  • Rorck

    Cant wait to see the garrison

  • Henning Berg

    Everything looks lgood ! :)

  • larry

    a key would be awesome

  • MissBumblebum

    I can’t wait to build the Garrison! : D

  • Astral

    My personal keep… can’t wait! :)

  • Patryk Piotrowski

    Totally excited about the new features, hope this xpac is gonna be as exciting as it seems now

  • Rhutaz

    Give key

  • Patrick Kastner

    I’d love to win a key :)

  • Sillicis

    I want a key!

  • sanity111

    I’ll just leave this here to have the entry counter thingy at 4/4. Cheers.

  • Sarodra

    Same as the rest, key please <3

  • RocknRolla

    Fingers crossed!

  • Pedro Silva

    So hyped for this expansion 😮

  • Florin Groenewold

    It may sound stupid, but i would love to see the new characters! :)

  • Aron


  • Dennis Beelen

    give me a KEY i really need one 😀

  • Elvion

    Yay! 😀

  • Krille112

    It would be nice to have one ^^ i would love it c:

  • Denys

    I’m interested to see how WoD looks and the changes from TBC Outlands to Draenor. And I’m pretty interested in seeing the changes to hunters and warlocks

  • Sargos

    Give it to me because its me! =D

  • John Olav Jørgensen

    Most interesting about WoD is that we are going back to old Outland, I love the lore!

  • Pontare

    New raids.

  • Gumoball

    New garrisons are gonna be the most amazing feature in history of WoW!

  • Ewa

    Give me the key :)

  • das holrs

    I love wowjuju ^^

  • Oliver Reynolds

    Played since vanilla and never got a beta key … give me some love :)

  • Csaba Gombás

    good luck everyone

  • shojet

    Garrison’s look awesome

  • Peter

    Garrison’s, new lands and new character models :)

  • ElwingRaven

    I would like to test the revamped healing.

  • Zak Davies

    I want to win

  • Radical


  • Swexi

    I’d like to win a Key soo bad!

  • Redmar

    Ashran will be awesome!

  • Kefi

    Good luck all !!!

  • Yahya Karim

    Most interesting part is Vol’Jin for Warchief and the story that will develop around the new horde!

  • Rolf Ermilä

    To play rogues in WoD, that’s something to look forward to, just hoping with all strenght I have to get the rogues on air (and beta key ofc….!).

  • XenaCharon

    I want this beta key :)

  • Agility123

    For me the most interesting feature in WoD is item squish, I don’t really like that big damage and health point in MoP. Would be great to win :)

  • Daniel Mallard

    The character models or the Garrison, probably the Garrison!

  • Luka Pavić

    Damn wish i had one

  • Nuno Paulino

    New Character Animations/models.

  • tom


  • Frederik

    Well I cant wait 😀

  • backbone

    revamped zones from tbc

  • Christoffer Lundqvist

    I love the new changes to vengence!

  • whooly


  • Benni Nord

    Really looking forward to the Garrison. I like the idea of gathering a group of characters at my own base in wow. Seems like there is a lot of gameplay there to explore.

  • Leonid

    I iz wantz keyz gaize!

  • crisps18


  • Kostas

    May Durotan be with me!

  • Joao Santos


  • Chrissy Stirling

    so want this key

  • Godly

    The new models are gonna be awesome.

  • Peter Bratanov


  • joacb


  • Emil Lind

    I would love to try out the beta! And for that I need a key. I would love to get one from you!

  • ze lu boss

    nice!! finaly some giveaways

  • Runi


  • braindweller

    >What’s the most interesting feature of Warlords of Draenor for you?

  • Marcin Wojciechowski

    I’d like to explore Draenor

  • Kacper Gawlicki

    key need plx

  • Anker12

    Would be great!

  • Zydow

    Hope to win since opting was no success, 10 years playing..not veteran enough I’d say

  • SASQ


  • Karol

    Oah! I would to win this Key! Warlords I’m Coming!

  • Matt G

    Would love a key :)

  • honny78

    I need this :(

  • BillyBoy

    Lets hope I get one

  • Jonas Henrik Steenberg

    The new guild team is the awesomst

  • Shichisto

    Nice,good luck everyone.

  • Robert

    good luck everyone !

  • Rorro

    can’t wait for a key!!!

  • Aitas

    Key for me maybe :)

  • ViktorZ

    Can’t wait until the release date!

  • Alexx Exr

    Hope i can “Blink” once again, its been a couple of years!… Good luck to everyone!!!

  • Jaroslav Krejčí

    New graphics, garrisons and HP reduction as well. ^_^

  • Tim Lankhuizen

    I am very curious about the cities and how they can be build

  • aucuna idia

    Time to win a key WOD ( want to pex in new map *_* ) !!! good luck all

  • Carlwilliam Kullenberg

    Hope warriors will be awsome

  • Axel

    key pls

  • Grothdar

    Defo those new models, cant wait for the pixelz!

  • Tommy Hubenthal

    I think the most promissing feature is the fact that we’re going back in time

  • zuexo

    gl :)

  • Rumpel

    good luck

  • Nicolai Larsen


  • nachochezze

    the pvp content is gonna be awesome but the lore side sounds interesting aswell

  • Nic

    I need to get a beta key!

  • Mahir Kulić

    Key pl0x !

  • Kaaskrul

    I’d love to have a key so I can make all my South African friends jealous xD

  • Kelsy Keesmaat

    Ofcourse I would love to try out the new balance druid system!

  • Mumeina

    Would be awesome to win a giveaway! :)

  • Fredrik Magnusson

    Hope i win!

  • Ketdeka

    WoD will be my fav. expansion. GL everyone.

  • stephan

    Chance to win -100%!

  • Deon Ferreira

    Let the games begin 😛

  • Ari


  • aljaz4life

    would love it!

  • Kenny

    That’s Aweseome!

  • Sam

    Excited about new content, y’all

  • James Andrew Dicken


  • Dorian

    Hopin to win

  • Pefi

    Geez, I want it so much :3

  • Trond Aagestad

    Seems so fun to be able to play in the beta. Would love the key!

  • Ewokoniad Sigourneth

    I can’t wait to build a garrison!

  • b4rtjuhh

    Would really like to try this beta, so i know which class to play after. Never won any beta so far

  • rfjeldseth

    My favorite feature is new content and updated models :)

  • Moffe


  • TurboSulttaani

    Gief key! :)

  • Alastair Balchin

    The two most interesting features for me are the Garrisons and the new zones! I love exploring!

  • Phil Bradley

    like to get my hands on a key

  • Claus


  • Quirinya

    Would love to win a key. Great opportunity!

  • Amkasa

    me needs key!

  • Robi

    Gimme that betakey 😀

  • Vreskot


  • Carvalhone

    Great! Hoje I Win!

  • Saad

    And one for africa xD

  • Cameron Simpson


  • Thomas

    Garrison and time-traveling :)

  • Primme

    the rework o the game mechanisms

  • Kuba

    I really want to win :3

  • Daniel Kling

    The new character models is the most exciting news in WoD

  • Bartek

    for the horde

  • Neko

    Ow please, ow please, ow please :)

  • Doug Meyer

    To get in to the Beta would be sooo cool. Squishin’ bugs, testing new features, sexually ogling the the new, those polygons…eh, where was I?

  • John Robinson

    A 10 level quest experience rather than two expansions of five levels is gonna be rad.

  • Fazer

    Garrisons all the way

  • Efe

    Its gonna be awesome and more professional then pandaria, great !

  • lordkimboris


  • Sirli Andrei

    Gimmie za key !!!!!

  • Sonny Van Zande

    So excited! 😀

  • Aaryn Hamilton

    The class changes and characterisation features change.

  • geneiryodan

    thx for the giveaway gl everyone

  • Speedwagon

    The most interesting features are garrisons and the new models!

  • Steven Wass

    Cant wait for WOD to come out! Should be great. Also please give me a beta key!!

  • Edenhorn Oscar

    Fingers crossed!

  • Tóth Gergely

    I need key 😀

  • Ghost

    Hope I win a Key!

  • Christian Korsgaard

    I hope to win a key

  • Joel Blomberg

    Hope i win a key 😀

  • Arron Kyo Haywood

    I need this little baby in my life.

  • Alexander Bratlie

    I wanna try :)

  • Alex

    I want to meet these awesome warlords!!

  • Dimo Pavlov

    WoW is my life

  • Hans Hoogwerf

    Timetravel is the most interesting thing. We’ll see how this changes the overal lore story line. Hope I win a key to check it out :).

  • Amy Tuttle

    I think for me it’s all about the changes to healing (making things a bit more interesting/trickier) and the mastery change for Shadow Priests! (yey, hopefully more single target dps!) And not forgetting the nights will be darker in game 😀 … it’s the little things 😛

  • Caraignat Ionut Gabriel

    I hope that someone will realy win, if not we were fooled very well :)

  • Antonio Babić

    Garrisoon of course! and toy box

  • Nina Heathcote

    Most interesting feature is the Garrison! Good luck everyone :)

  • Emma Louise Rosefire Goddard

    I would love to win one

  • Estian Hough

    New models man. Looking forward to it.

  • Boris Mamić

    The most interesting feature for me is new questing system and garrisons. I’m dying to check it out!

  • John Franzen


  • GameGeek


  • Florens Yildiz

    I would like to win this giveaway

  • gyrodizzle

    I dont even want a key…….i neeed it

  • Ondra Haffaz Aladeen

    Om so hyped for WoD!!!! :)

  • Czajnik

    I hope i win one key ^^

  • Håkon Andrè Karlsen

    I think i would pass out if i got a key.

  • Luke Igl

    For the Draenor!

  • Vinterskugge


  • Henkkusti

    The most interesting feature for me is probably garrison feature! :)

  • Megish

    Everything is awesome!!!!!oneoneone

  • Gimi


  • PandererWow

    Basking in bag space while chilling at my Garrison? I’m in!

  • Martin Karlsen

    yes plz

  • Narkis

    Man I would love a key. WoD is looking like it going to be amazing

  • Thatdawg

    most exiting thing with WoD would be class changes and the new raid content

  • Zerli

    The garrisons are the most intresting part and also i love the Health/Dmg Squish!! 😀

  • Maciej Górniak

    giev key plx

  • Nikola Mladenovic

    Return to Outland! *cough*Draenor*cough*

  • Bruno Duarte

    I need one key 😀

  • Bálint

    I wish i could try beta :)

  • Curtis fisher

    honestly in WoD the best feature by far will be the garrison its gonna be amazing to make ya own garrison in whatever way u like 😀

  • bla


  • Zidal

    The lore, hopefully.

  • drusk

    garrison imo

  • Joakim Lundqvist

    Would love a key! 😀

  • Ploza

    Hope a key is mine!!

  • Ziomekzdzielni

    Gotta win this, Kappa.

  • Azyplays

    Awww that frost dk changes – wanna test them out

  • Michael Karlsson


  • xyzmjek


  • Marios Stavrakis

    Awesome!Hope I win.

  • tug tuke

    I think that the instances like the new Upper Blackrock Spire is gonna be the most interesting thing to see, cuz way back in Vanilla it wasn’t all that awsome..

  • Vinicius Ugoski Bacchieri

    wowjuju win!! yupi beta key wod

  • Jackie

    Changes to classes and lore.I finally get to meet Durotan,Gul’dan etc ^_^

  • menkabg

    Nice one

  • Judith van der Weide

    I love the new models :3 Can’t wait for the beta key (if the new models are added to the beta…)

  • Δημητρης Αργυροπουλος

    I would LOVE to win a beta key for WoD 😀

  • Tnttodda

    New warrior stance!!

  • Jorah

    Stats squish naturally, good ol’ times…

  • Marcus

    Garrisons, and the stat squish!

  • Renzari

    I’m interested in seeing how warriors will turn out. Been a warrior since 2004 and I never plan to quit. Just hope I wont have to re-roll prot, like I was forced to do in Cata.

  • Kalle

    I’d love to win a key.

  • Motor boatt


  • Miszi

    Nice competition, maybe I’ll win.

  • Дөлгөөн Артур


  • djomlah

    new warlock talents !

  • twistedmas

    men riding dragon,throwing wolfs at maggots

  • Qerthas

    WoW <3

  • RAMIX3

    give me keys now MUHAHAHAHAHA

  • Jacob Hansen

    I hope i win a betakey

  • jord955

    The mint garrisons

  • Sarunas

    GL everyone with the competition

  • Oqzu

    Can’t wait to start a new season of plundering with my guild coming back together after a vacation!

  • Stephanie

    my friend just got into beta i realy whant to join her

  • eze

    New dungeons and raids. Can’t wait for them.

  • Ana Cep

    So many new things and features to explore, its really hard to pick a favorite. But if I must name one, I’ll probabily say the garrisons, its a total novelty and can’t wait to try it!!!

  • Lazme

    Updated character models and how Outland (Draenor) looked in the past.

  • Hustt

    I think the most interesting feature is the new models!

  • sunyvader

    pls me i love wow

  • Galin Ivanov

    will be nice to take one 😀

  • Aaron

    New characters models, new world, and most of all…new raids.

  • n3manja

    hope ill get lucky !

  • k4mil5655

    I love Warcraft Series

  • sebastian

    Never ever got a beta key. Would love to break the trend!

  • Robert Gavelin

    Löööving it!

  • Marilene

    Please please 😀

  • Emelie Mimmi Viktoria Fagerlun

    I think the most interesting feature in Warlords of Draenor is the new Outland, new mounts and all the changes that will come 😀

  • Tespion

    The garrisons seems nice, and the new character models have been waited
    on. But the most interesting thing about WoD is the continueing story of
    Garrosh Hellscream and the meeting with the Frost Wolfes :)

  • Kim Hauan

    Give me one! so the guys who played since vanilla and never got one can cry some more 😀

  • Lazaros Peidis

    Give Me One Pls

  • holkn


  • Elliot Potton

    Beta Key would be great!

  • Martin

    i would like to win one key

  • Robin

    All the new changes to the game, i would love to win a key :)

  • Consata

    Really looking forward to the new Mythic raiding. Think it will provide a lot better raid content when they dont have to balance it for two sizes while still keeping the difficulty the same.

  • Dolit

    I can’t wait for the new character designs! 😀

  • Anthony Sarikaya

    Best feature hands down is Garrisons and new models. I’m so looking forward to it and I really want to test it but never in my life have I got a beta invite even though I play this game for more than 9 years so fingers crossed.

  • ryantudd


  • Paul Meletiou

    The Draenor as a place

  • Marko Velnar

    Can’t wait

  • tsouPA

    to fight bad asss orcs in their world

  • jack hampson

    I got a feeling!

  • Pim van Breugel

    I would love to win a key because just everything!!! lvl 100 a garrison WOW!!

  • Jigas

    One does not simple hand me a beta key

  • Infi

    Garrison hands down!

  • Doug

    Need this number crunch

  • Joren Bakker

    Most interesting feature about Warlords of Draenor? uhmm I think the garrisons and the new models ^^

  • sh1fu

    gief wod key pls

  • Dominik Frydrych

    You are the best i wanna win. Warlord of Dreanor… It will be fun :)

  • Stef

    GL all, Hope i win!

  • Agim

    Beta key FTW!

  • Lemon

    Garrison looks fun!

  • theodorel


  • illart

    Key 4 me plz :]

  • Dom

    Hope i get one 😀

  • Zobo

    I want one because i must guide my raid team !!

  • Matt Wilkins

    I hope to win

  • Duvel

    Iam looking forward for the paladin changes :)

  • Mileniusz

    Waiting for key xD

  • StellHell

    Hope I win!

  • Kris Geryon Whalley

    The new quests omg

  • Simon Nyström

    The most interesting feature is obv Garrison :3

  • Teddmelk

    Great if i would win :)

  • Darren Brennan

    20m raids 😀

  • Viktor Klasson

    wanna try pala in beta

  • Becky Watson

    Ashran for a little bit more world pvp 😀 and the new mounts that will be brought in with the expansion <3

  • lovecats

    I cant wait to see the new character models in game!

  • AfenoR

    I too want to win, like everybody. So what else can i say than: Good Luck, guys! 😀

  • Dennis van den Berg

    interested in trying out Garrisons an checking out the new models , see if my pc can handle it 😀

  • Vanaks

    New orc models, all the models!!!!

  • Ivan Cpilec Markovic

    GL all xD

  • Rick

    Fingers crossed, hope to explore draenor!

  • Larene

    Have hope that i win! ;D

  • maksimhjk

    hey guys thx and i hope to get one :)

  • Nerox

    garrison is the most awesome thing

  • vilxi

    i would love to get Wod beta key

  • Péter Kozma

    Finally some elemental shaman changes. I waited soo long for this, i’d like to try it.

  • Keywiz

    I DESERVE a beta key!

  • Ancixd

    Cant wait to see old world.

  • Nodie

    Thanks for chance

  • Niwka

    I would like to see new environment, female characters and their breasts 😀 😀

  • TheHinceMeister


  • Willem

    playing from the start so i hope to win once 😛

  • Pasqual

    Awesome, looking forward to Warlords of Draenor.

  • CZEBullyZ

    Fingers crossed! And Good Luck to All :))

  • Daniel

    Can’t wait to see beta, it might even tempt me back into wow

  • Ephroz Demirel

    This is awesome!

  • Skyzz

    Beta key plz

  • fishbrain

    Getting them feelz

  • Villas Norgaard

    want the beta key ! i have bin a sub to wow since the old beta 😀

  • Thijmen


  • sean

    gimme dat key m7

  • Gmayne

    The storyline most def!

  • Elitharion

    I’d love a key to test the new expansion in beta :)

  • gazzy

    kool wanna win :) its my birthday lol 😛

  • Samuli Laurén

    I’d love a key

  • qwerty

    New PvP variables

  • CPDonnelly

    I think Garrisons will be great due to being a more creative form of player housing and giving players perks related to each building they build.

  • Mohammed Mosuily

    Garrisons, going to be so interesting.

  • Natalie

    Great thing! 😀

  • Honza Míšek


  • Tass

    Very curious about the garrison! and all the rest ofc 😉

  • hehehee


  • aothe1

    let the game begin!

  • Karl Devonport

    Definitely the renovation of BlackRock Spire

  • Guest

    i want one!

  • Maksiu

    WoD pls

  • browbeat1998

    Good luck everyone 😀

  • Heafstaag

    Nice giveaway!

  • Nick


  • Robin Johnsen Tjore VI

    I think the most interesting feature is the new models

  • Cláudio António

    one please!

  • Bernardo Leal

    key me bro ! :p

  • Giorgos Kyliakoudis

    Key ftw 😛

  • JawzKing

    This is great! I would really like to win :)

  • ria Mavrogianni


  • igor kalinowski

    New models are amazing!

  • Dylan Sheen

    Would love to win a key this dlc is going to be awesome!

  • Raevene

    Getting to explore Draenor in its prime is the feature I’m most looking forward to

  • Guest

    The most interesting feature would definitely be Strongholds.

  • James ‘Jai’ Thorn

    Really looking forward to the Garrison, I think that’s definately the most interesting new feature for Warlords.

  • Dan Andrei Spătaru

    Can’t wait to win :)

  • Emanuel

    I want the key of wowjuju’s heart :)

  • CoolWolfie

    I really like the idea of Garrisons. And excited about how the new models look like in WoD 😀

  • Wesley Ceulemans

    Let me travel between time and space please 😀

  • Tsvetomir Goranov

    For me, the most interesting feature would be having your own customizable stronghold.

  • Liam

    Hope I win 😀

  • Radvanyi Roland

    I’d like to try out the beta, and good luck all :)

  • jack simmons

    Most interesting feature for me is new raids.

  • Aegnorwynn

    Looking forward to the new models and the garrisons.

  • Altmann

    I can’t wait for the new models. My Tauren is going to be so cute! <3

  • Pikachu

    Key !

  • Daniel Oxenbury


  • InvCup

    Woooohooo can’t wait 😀 hope I win

  • lolz

    Key please! 😀

  • Radu Gabriel

    Squished stats , the best feature. I’d like to see some TBC/Lich numbers.

  • Venn

    keys <3

  • Martin Sullivan Hansen


  • Alex McConnell

    i wanna key! 😀

  • Awargaen

    Gief testing everything new!

  • Mathias Selmer Jørgensen

    I just want to see how blizzard managed to fix wow, I can’t wait to play wod so i’d really appreaciate a beta key.

  • George Kalvin

    Hope I get a key, few years none luck for me.

  • Sarik

    Garrisons and Grommash FTW!

  • dragos

    So awsome …! I would like to win!

  • Radek Král

    I’d like to win a beta key

  • ahmad

    it’s wow everything is interesting

  • Sojlex

    I would love to win – Draenor before its destruction – here we come!

  • George Rus

    Garrison its an interesting feature i’d like to try it out.

  • Can

    lookin forward

  • Artur Florczak

    I want to see new models and check new spells :) hope i get 1 key :)

  • Gabriel Karlsson

    I’ll go ahead and be boring, but the Garrison is what I look forward to the most. Except for the new raids of course!

  • Stefan


  • erhan

    for the garrison!

  • joshua covus

    Hi guys i love wow just saying

  • Qrchaq

    The key for me is what I would like to see

  • Soully

    I loved the number squish feature!


    Great! let’s goooo

  • David Šafarik

    I trust!

  • Nino Mitov

    Great, I hope I win one, because I want to play it so much :)

  • Димитър Лазаров

    I hope that I will have the oppertunity to test the class and stat changes :)

  • Malerinss12

    I love World of Warcraft give me key 😀

  • Marcus

    The best new features would have to be exploring the new zones without a flying mount.

  • Harand


  • Maszasz

    i hope i win ;D

  • Robert C Gray Jr.

    Garrisons My fav..

  • Deadtoads


  • Szymonecki

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Pål Torp

    The best thing of WoD (i think) is the removal of alot of theroycrafting, hopefully making 3rd party tools like Catus And Reforge-Lite and SImC unnessesary.. spending hours out of the game for theorycrafting is kind of a waste when you turn on your computer to play WoW

  • Žygimantas Gečas

    Gime a key please :>

  • Tufa

    To return again in the best time of World of Warcraft but this time improved The Burning Crusade!

  • Johny Feenix

    i need key now 😀

  • Luke Newman

    Garrisons and the new char models, that and finally leaving pandaria

  • Jorge Franco

    Awesome stuff in here, good luck all

  • Lars Christian Giswold

    The coolest new feature about WoD must be… Maybe that you go back in time so you can learn even more of the original story!

  • Callum J.A. Young

    Garrisons and followers are gunna be super epic 😀

  • omg i’m so sexy

  • Zenia Muurbech Lantz

    The feature that I am looking forward to in Wod is the new character models and to see Draenor in it’s prime.

  • Jukka

    Level 100 talents!

  • gyussz

    Garrosh and his father are so cute together!!!

  • John Adams

    Enhancement Shaman progress is amazing!

  • Devin

    Need dis key!!

  • Joey Mortimer

    Can’t wait for the toybox! Yay for bagspace!

  • TKon

    Garrisons and new healing philosophy

  • Michaela

    I’m really looking forward to the new character models and the garrisons! :)

  • Serxho Mehmeti

    Never been able to play retail in my life, only private servers. I love WoD and i would love to play retail, even for 1 month…

  • Cyprian

    I hope to win, i’m bored with Mists. :)

  • Jānis Babulis

    Garrsion for me

  • Mattysaiyan

    Gogo gadget beta key!

  • Silas Lund Vahl

    Love wow and would love it even more if i got a key

  • Patrik Gustafsson

    the most interesting feature is the everything!

  • Alfred Angelov

    Cant wait for the new garrison feature.

  • Xcinos

    The most interesting feature would be the new PvE system

  • Mahjongzaur


  • Why2Shy

    lovely <3

  • Atchu

    Gimme a key! .. Pls :)

  • Anthony

    The updated character models is my fave WoD feature, they look epic! 😀

  • timofeidd

    win me a key plz :))

  • Anne

    Wow! I would really like to beta test this time!

  • Themis Efthimiadis

    I want iiitt 😀

  • AndreFlyerFox

    I think the most interesting feature might be the redone characters look.

  • Lasiurus

    Thanks for giveaway event, I’m looking forward to visual improvements and garrison. But before they, lore is the main reason why I’m playing.

  • Alexander S

    I think most interesting feature is the Garrison.

  • roika01

    U are not prepared

  • Mark

    I’d love a key

  • mhorgana


  • Misca Bogdy

    The thing i am most excited about warlords of draenor is the garrison and the item squish!

  • Lukáš Tresa

    Must win this!!! :3 <3

  • Dajo Kunz

    Can’t wait to work my ass off in the Garrisons. Would love to win a key!

  • Szlep

    “What’s the most interesting feature of Warlords of Draenor for you?”
    How it is work the city builder? What happened with the Cata and Panda instances???

  • Dadino

    I want to build my garrison!

  • troubledtrebor

    cant wait to be able to play this expansion

  • Redha Bz

    i need this key to stop bomb people

  • Melvin

    Item squish!

  • Tony sivertsen

    Realy want a key!.

  • Giwrgos Smiaris

    Fingers crossed indeed!

  • Warlock

    I want to meet all the old chieftains, and Rexxar again 😀

  • xguciox

    I hope i get key :)

  • Tuban

    Man, ill suck a dick for key.

  • Dimitris Zapounidis

    Beta summer ftw! Much ipreciate all site having these beta giveaways!!Hope to get one!

  • Søren Petersen

    item squish looking forward to see the new numbers

  • kolka111

    Let’s do this.

  • MoRtOn


  • Alex Quinn


  • Dregmo

    Garrison and the rework of classes/rotations

  • Bambifocus


  • Alex Quinn


  • Zoltán Fodor

    Hope i win 1

  • Lubomir Anov

    The new character models!

  • Mikkel Rahbek Christensen

    WOW i love World of Warcraft 😀

  • Tantousa HB


  • Slighr

    WTB new models <3

  • Goxy


  • Uncontrolled

    Exploration of the world without fly mounts ^^

  • Kirilenko

    Give me 😀

  • Mike

    nice 😀

  • RAkYu

    KEY – My precious ! give me !

  • allilol

    Mythic raiding seems like an awesome idea. But what I’m looking forward to the most is the lore :)

  • Makai Mazsi János

    i thx fort win the key

  • Dave

    New raids :)

  • Samo Jamrich

    Would be awesome if I would win key ^^

  • MightyPickel

    Really interested in picking up the beta

  • Ryanc

    Stat squish!

  • Jeff Junglebutt

    Who wouldn’t love to win a key? xD

  • Nemu5

    Can’t wait to get my key 😀

  • Randy Grouls

    new raids and character models

  • exure

    garrison ofc!

  • Mike Oliver

    please please let me win one

  • Djordje

    I think that the best thing in the upcoming expansion is the reactivation of the dark portal and possibly the plot with the burning legion.

  • Gerrie Boer

    I would love to win a Key!

  • Paul Turner

    key please thanks 😛

  • iBlueFoxxy

    GL everyone!

  • Genesee


  • zac

    keys plox

  • Bilboktin Gaming

    thanks for this giveaway ! good luck all

  • Jonathan

    The intressting in the warlord is the chars its amazing new world the war the lvl up to 100 and the race its gonna be amazing and i love wow forever

  • Στέφανος Μιχάλης

    new models and garrisons

  • Brandon Martin

    hope to be able to test beta 😀


    GIFF key 😛

  • Ogon

    win plz

  • Jens

    Pretty nice handout! Hope I get one to get in the beta.

  • Andrei

    The most interesting part is how the HP pool and dmg will go down. i am still curious on how you actually did that

  • Rlipe

    Please please please!!

  • Radeon93

    Great, another giveaway in which I certainly will get the key.

  • Bulykinz

    Sweet I need 😀

  • Angel Vasilev

    The garrisons in WoD seem most interesting!

  • Matt C.

    I really want one! :)

  • linduc


  • Tomek Nawrocki

    I’m looking forward to playing WoD so much!

  • Kuumottaa

    Most interesting feature? Stat squish, and new models obviously too!

  • pawepavo


  • kaine10

    viva la WOD 😀

  • Gromable


  • Evelina Lexell

    I am really looking forward to collect all the new pets! I <3 pet battles!

  • James Hefta Sutherland

    I’ll take 100.

  • Kiran Rajan

    The exploration of the new content!!

  • Darkia


  • kingkelle

    Finger crossed for a key!! Garrisons look awesome, as well as the new models!

  • ufuk

    i am usually lucky

  • Aethon

    its gotta be garrisons and the raid changes.

  • Ádám Tóth

    I bet I loose.

  • Jens

    I hope I get a chance to see some of all the changes before it goes live. Especially concerned about the stat squish and the streamlining of speccs.

  • WildZtyler

    I think it’s that you can build your own town/village

  • swagler

    yolo swag

  • Michael Åkesson

    Beta would be awesome <3

  • Joona H.

    Personally I’m mostly looking forward to leveling up to 100, new character models and new zones. :-)

  • Villentr

    best thing in WoD? finally meet Grom and the rest of warlords

  • Sami Siuro

    I need one!

  • berdaxar

    I want this code 😉

  • Michela

    Hiya, I would love to win a Beta key.. Thank you so much for giving us the chance :)

  • Foniko

    new character models!

  • Smakus

    Would be amazing to win a key! 😀

  • Daniel Forrest

    Deffently hoping to see some new raid mechanics, and maybe going back to 3man tanking ?

  • Bambi Oram

    Do want.

  • Kanrell

    I need diz !

  • Akil Ahmed

    Awesome, hope I win 😀

  • Shav

    Can’t wait for new models!

  • Mateusz

    I am waiting for changes in Raids – rebalanced difficulty and drop changes 😀

  • Kakashisensei92


  • Mike Graakjær Jensen

    I have to say the most interesting feature in itself is Draenor itself. The sheer design and lore behind Draenor is just pure epic. Other than that Garrisons will be epic.

  • Paukos

    The expansion Warlords of Draenor’s great that there will meet characters such as Grom Hellscream, we’ll see how it looked before Outland was a major new Garrison.

  • Tomas

    Great thing that, you’re giving us the chance

  • monen

    all I think is 10 years 10 years I played WoW

  • Dk

    New raids and dungeons.

  • VikyJ

    You beta pick me – geddit?! Hehe 😉

  • Alan Careless

    Posting for a win! Because you know, Warlords.. Draenor and all that srs bzns

  • Timothy Svensson

    Would Stream/Youtube for this Key :)

  • Tito Pap


  • Peter

    The content and the stats squish!

  • Marc Cooper


  • Cawiky

    I want to the first person in Czech, so come on !

  • Zienvy

    The Garrisons! 😀

  • Feha

    betaaaa 😀

  • God

    I would love a key

  • Daniel

    this will be the best game eva!

  • pikasu


  • Glenn Kelly

    I love the Item Squash,i thought that the numbers were starting to get ridiculously high.This way it gets manageable again and i actually know if im doing ok without addons.

  • Fask

    To be honest, im most excited about garrisons… Its pretty much a hit or miss. Other than that, i just cant wait to see all the new zones

  • Marek Tučnovič

    I want to look at new character model, garrison and new locations.

  • Cobras


  • nick

    love to win

  • Deadleé

    I want key soooo bad!:-)

  • Tracer

    definitely the new character models!

  • jul123


  • UNeverBeatMe


  • Taumiel

    New territories (old outland!)

  • James

    I just can’t wait to see my 8year old Orc in all his amazing new body! Also big fan of the book Rise Of The Horde and can’t wait to see it in wow!

  • Horikzu

    I want something to make me play wow again.

  • Susan s

    I’ve played Wow on and off for 10 years, I also beta tested wrath

  • Gábor Novák

    I want to tame hydras! 😀

  • Alan Lang

    Been playing for 7 years never had a beta invite and would love to see what change have been made to fury war as it has been y main spec since the begiinnig

  • klin

    dawac mje kija !

  • Aj Nemo Isaac

    character models and new raid tiers <3

  • Rickie Ward

    i would love a key :)

  • Lonertee

    I’m really looking forward to the new challenge mode dungeons. I could use a key to test them when they’ll become aviable :)

  • Ireneusz Sabat

    I crossed my fingers!

  • Monty

    I can’t wait for the new raids!

  • JC

    Wowjuju, pls. Pretty pls.

  • Chris Piccirillo

    I love the idea of pruning abilities. Really getting classes back to their roots without the ridiculous amount of abilities just to make sure x class also has x spell because it would be unfair if only x got it.

  • Vese

    Nice :)

  • lamaar


  • Henning Amundsen


  • Jari Cramer

    I would love to explore the new world!!!

  • Jakub Kękuś

    I really want to win this, it’s best addition since WoTLK!

  • Jacek Popori Sobański

    Good luck guys!

  • rasmus

    Ths most interesting feature here is totally the garrisons! I would love to try them out in the beta!

  • Markus Rosvall

    I’m really stoked for WoD :3

  • Ricardo Macedo Paredes

    I hope i get one key! Good luck everyone ^^

  • Jadah

    I would love to win a key

  • kalfas84

    new stuff in wow, cannot wait :)

  • Cayliax


  • Sebastian Gustafsson Strömbrin

    I would really like to win this beta-ket because it looks like to be a awesome expansionpackage with awesome feutures!

  • izorn

    must win!

  • Vilxi

    i would love to win a key

  • joao marques

    nice! i really wanted one 😡

  • Billy Christensson

    i hope i get the victorious moment to play the WOD Beta :)

  • Amethyst

    Garrison for sure, though I can’t wait to see what Blizzard has in store for us gear-wise also :)

  • Glennetjeeeeee

    Garrison fo-sho!

  • Ross Sutherland

    Would love to see how Outland is changed/different before the change from draenor

  • Jack

    Would Love a key, thanks.

  • Thiler

    I hope in win!

  • José María Díaz

    Everything looks very good! :)

  • tunka

    i wanna raaaid so baaaaad!

  • Nathan Kirito Fawthrop

    Everything is good. Really want a key

  • Irvine Wildhammer

    Hey! Listen!

  • Companion Sirk

    Give me a key, please! :O

  • Gustav Waldefors

    I want a key

  • laczkp

    The new character models and the Garrison are the most interesting features.

  • Fatzo

    Key Kreygasm

  • Blackearth

    Good luck!

  • Felix Karlsson

    Everything is awesome with warlords of draenor. New models,Garrison,Rework on outland and i would really like to see Durotan,Grom and Gul’dan

  • Bella

    wont sleep untill release if i get a key!

  • Artur

    Old good Dreanor! :)

  • Nick Burns

    My friend got one, I hope I can 😀

  • Mroku


  • Óruk Runetotem

    Would love a beta key, wanna practice feral pvp for pwnage and test out some stuff

  • Anna

    I want one! :)

  • Hobster

    cant wait for new challenge modes !!!

  • Nara Tekchuen

    The most interested featur for WoD would be the new raid and landscapes!

  • Noah

    Pallies are the best class…. Just saying.

  • Aqualix

    Id take a key. If thats cool with you guys.

  • Frans August Wilhelm Nordström

    The item squish for sure!

  • Emil Thøgersen

    the new lore and garrisons!

  • sigurður friðrik

    Id love to win one key!

  • Wermii

    I would stream 24/7 if you gave me a key! #Shareitwiththeworld

  • Tecsomanu

    I WANT IT !!!!

  • sonofthelich

    The Garrisons

  • Pacer

    i would really love to see the garrisons i think this will be a great feature in Warlords of Draenor

  • nope

    To explore and try out the new features

  • Orbrak

    I’d like to win to level to 100

  • Panos

    Lets see if i am lucky:)

  • Sebastian Carlström

    really like to win a key =)

  • Jlndk

    I really Want to test the garrisons and new zones!!

  • Kevin Boustedt

    Would love to win :D:D

  • Snoey

    I win Key ^^

  • Niall McBride

    Looking forward to garrisons

  • Krukow

    Nice! It would be really cool to play the beta! 😀 Get to know all the new stuff and the new world! 😉

  • nefertem


  • NelfurionGames

    For me, i think to meet all those legendary characters from warcraft III and lore in general is the most interesting. (And get to actually fight alongside/against some of them) Hope i get to experience some beta-content too :)

  • Whitos

    i am so looking forward to all the stats change!

  • kefo

    cant wait ! hope iam wining . want to test all new features in game !

  • Sean Afflick

    I also would love to win one! But with my luck, Ill never win anything.

  • Jonny

    Uh yea ill just leave this one right here #oldhabitsdiehard

  • Bas van t Holt

    Garrisons, no doubt! Will be amazing! Also looking forward to new raiding content.

  • Peter Nigliaccio

    Can’t wait for it all

  • pumbaa

    Dark nights? Finally some difference between nights and days…

  • Jacek Popori Sobański

    Good luck guys!

  • 3DBurningMonkey

    Most interesting things would be garrisons, toybox and character models.. Would be awesome to have a look in the new zones

  • Mari

    OMGG if I win a key my son admitted that he will learn to play a wow!!!

  • restonator

    Im so excited

  • Beatrice Arvidsson

    The Garrisons!

  • Bokhylle

    I want to win

  • Andreas

    Can i please have a beta key? :) I want to for once get a WoW beta key. I am an experienced beta tester from stuff like ESO (Elder scrolls online) DotA 2 and Smite, aswell as Archeblade and Hearthstone :) Please pick me 😀

  • Panos M.

    I really want to see the new character models and talents!

  • Beldario


  • Beáta Detková

    Fingers crossed for beta !

  • lordvort3x


  • Frankz

    most interesting thing? maybe scaling down the dps and things like that. gl for everyone, i hope i can participate!

  • Nathil

    New models

  • Mr. Mandude

    I can’t see anything more interresting than both the story… and of cause Garrison x3

  • Djole J.

    Good luck everyone 😀

  • KahosFrostmane

    The garrisons are something I’d really like to test, I’ve been looking forward to test it since Blizzard announced it at blizzcon.

  • Hans-Henrik Teut

    I would love to win a WoD beta-key!

  • morthulo

    Damn, I’d do anything to get my teeth into some WoD! With so many people entering though, I can’t help but think I have little to no chance :( Fingers crossed though!

  • Bexz

    everything is interesting on it *-*

  • Tomi Balog

    I want to be a WOD player 😉

  • nutter2soxs

    can not wait for this!!! fingers crossed, would be so awesome to get a key!!!

  • Caroline Arze Andersson

    Wow! I Am so excited for the expansion!
    I’d be superhappy to get a betakey!
    Cheers from Sweden 😀

  • Sean Steven Long

    most intresting feature would be the character model upgrades

  • Swaggerlord

    I like wow pls give me a key k tnx

  • Rob Hendry

    Garrisons are awesome i cannot wait 😀

  • Joseph Rice

    The new character models are great

  • Cerax

    Fingers crossed!

  • Natalia Radkowska

    Most interesting? Toy box.

  • Johni


  • Abeogand

    It would be amazing to win! 😀

  • Deathberry

    Come oooon, I wanna try WoD 😀

  • Kulek

    I really want the Key 😀

  • Jindřich Hruška

    I hope it will be return of best wow times (the old one)

  • shutup

    Updated models for sure

  • Frederik Larsen

    Give me that key dangit

  • Adam Reid

    I’m most excited about garrisons, hope I get to check them out if I get a key, but when is my luck ever that good XD

  • Onofrei Bogdan

    You will do me a great favor if you will give me a beta key.Thanks for this giveaway sir.You are great!

  • Kieron Fairhurst.

    Would love to get in the beta. Good luck everyone.

  • Maja Løth

    Can’t wait to see the Garrison ^^ But all I have seen or heard from Warlords of Draenor just sounds awesome!

  • Karzhuk

    Let the best who /roll(s) win 😀

  • Rob Hare

    The most exciting part of WoD is that I get one to relive that fleeting sense of cosiness and excitement that getting lost in a new online world gives you – something that I felt strongest at the beginning of WoW and it has continued to decline ever since…I’ll miss it when it’s gone! :'(

  • Kaneez


  • ExPeacer

    Garrisons will be awesome!

  • Dr Riley

    I’m personally most looking forward to the new art, skins and character models

  • Stefko

    The Garrison, the new characters mode and the small HP and Damage.

  • Damir Ikanović


  • Kisho


  • Wujo


  • Ondra Kormendy

    I hope, i will be winner.

  • Vanesha

    everything is interesting ;_;

  • Galfan

    I really hope I can win a key. I’ve been playing since 2007 and Blizzard has not invited me even though I am a hardcore Veteran :( So this might be one of my few chances to win a key

  • syluxsoul

    My interesting feature is the Garrison.

  • Gregory Nedelkov

    Since blizz aint giving 10 year long customers BETA keys, let’s see if juju do…

  • Otisao


  • Roy Morris III

    It’s about time we got an overhaul of the character models.

  • eagle

    key plz

  • sznapii


  • Daniel Hedman

    So waiting for the new rogue tier

  • Crinkz

    Can’t wait for garrisons and hopefully some better raids!

  • Madeleine

    Mythic raiding!!

  • Sotiris Galanos

    Interesting part of the next expansion: travelling to the past to save the future.

  • ArwenCz

    I think the most interesting feature is new outland :)

  • Josef

    Key plx

  • Rachelle Bertleff

    I would really love to win a key!!

  • bofe

    Beta key pls

  • GhostHuntr

    Gimme 😛

  • Keciam

    Would be great to get a key

  • Patrick Ward

    Challenge modes with less consumeables, and mythic raids.

  • Nadav Angel

    Definitly garrisons!

  • Bangware

    Would be awesome

  • danh586

    Beta key pls! 😀 i begs you :(:(

  • restonator

    indeed finger crossed

  • Bartes

    I wanna key too !! wanna test “stronghold” in WoW 😀

  • Diogo Silva

    Gief some lovely beta pl0x! <3

  • Erik Advocaat

    I would love to get a key to see what they revamped on one of my most memorable WoW play time.

  • simon

    Would be awesome with a WoD key 😀

  • Grorion

    hope i win


  • Shelley Grey-Haygood

    I’d love to win a key I also think the most interesting parts of Dreanor are going to be the New Battle Pet System and the Garrisons :)

  • Daphnia

    The new shadow priest talents! :)

  • MaelstromSP

    Good luck!

  • Spikeel

    Good luck

  • Souran

    Would love to get a key for WoD

  • Mateusz

    The best thing are Garrisons

  • Mr awesome

    I did quit wow for quite some time but joining the beta could get me into wow again 😡

  • Serine Gutierrez Fiskeseth

    Would love to win!

  • Wayne Abbott

    A beta key would be fantastic! Its the WoW factor for me!!!

  • Allnei

    Poor Blood DKs… one button smash like Arcane Mage in WotLK..

  • Charlie

    I want it:D
    because i wanna experience it ofcourse who would not want that!!??

  • Johny006

    I’m gonna be the winner 😀

  • Sawarus

    I hope that I can win … never win any beta key :’|

  • Yse

    Definitely Garrnisons, but toy box, new models are awesome too.

  • Alex D

    I wouldn’t mind a beta key, thanks!

  • Henrik Wolff Jepsen

    Most interesting feature to me is the removal of 10 man raiding and the changes to loot and raid design

  • Joshua

    Well I’ve commented :)
    Time to get me a key.

  • miki

    quiero mi btaaaaaa

  • Filip Hidling

    Im going to win

  • Nathan Groves

    New character models are the most interesting

  • Artineusz

    I play wow for 7 years would be awesome to get WOD beta Key <3

  • tom bilton

    item squash :)

  • Barthes

    Can’t wait for WoD!

  • Daniel


  • panos

    may the force of luck be with me! 😛

  • Martin Vrbka

    Key,come home!!

  • Wojciech

    garisson and harder content

  • Samo Oravec

    lol key plz

  • toomez


  • Jibjab

    i want it :)

  • João Fidalgo

    all your keys are belong to us

  • Xtern

    The new graphical update to the characters … definitely the number one thing I am looking forward to

  • Stanciu Daniel

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Niko Nissinen

    Winning a key would be great to someone not working.

  • Ivan Pereira


  • Nick Jucker

    What changes they can make to class balance with their idea of 20% spell book reduction, What classes will be screwed over and dumbed down to nothingness.

  • Josip Ivačić


  • andi

    the level cap raise and the amazing come back of orcs and a new war is the most interesting thing in warlords of draenor.:D i wish i can get one of these cards make my dream come true.

  • Beezel

    Most interesting so far are the Garrisons.

  • Mustafa

    i want

  • DZirek

    very good

  • Sylvaus

    This expansion seems like it will be better then panda

  • James Anderton

    New character models.

  • Rosen Rusev

    the warrior pvp set <3

  • Cyriuz

    kiss life goodbye! 😛

  • deliriousdanger

    Warlords of Draenor seems so promising. I hope I win!

  • Infamousx110

    More new content and major changes to game

  • Raquel Dantas

    After so many years playing wow i wish i could had a key… 9 years and not even 1 beta key i had….

  • Renox

    hope i win 😛

  • Nitrak

    The remake of the ability bloat is interresting to me, and how they will manage to still keep the skillcap up.

  • Michał

    I already won 😀

  • Nirem

    The Update On the graphics

  • Lightfaster

    Seeing the warlords in their prime!

  • Perry

    Let it be my lucky day!

  • FunkyLortzzz

    I need that key

  • Robo Belohorský

    i like WoW

  • Niniel

    :) I wish… I WISH I get one!!!

  • Sulvez

    The most interesting feature is by far the garrison, I can’t wait to walk around in my huge alliance town, and even bring some friends there! As an RPer, it brings amazing opportunities to bring your guildies there and roleplay as if your guild owned that specific town :)

  • Chrom

    gief key!

  • Kealan McVeigh

    Come on Draenor

  • ThatKayen

    Ashran, definately

  • TheFiredot_hun


  • Toby Burton

    The garrison!

  • Bota Paul

    Hope to get it

  • Ante

    I wanna win

  • Andreas Mitilineos

    give me a beta key!

  • Obeid

    give me a key pls!

  • LordDeDuck

    This is cool. GL to all!

  • Outzy

    Having seperate lockouts for raids again is what I am looking most forward to. :)

  • Sohlaria

    The most interresting thing would be the garrisons. I’m really excited about item changes and the way they try to go back to some sort of vanilla revamp. Can’t wait to play the expansion! So much new stuff to discover!

  • Leon Fullard

    i can’t wait to get a garrison, housing was tyhe one thing wow was missing haha. XD

  • goeagles31

    I can’t wait for WoD it’s going to be a whole new game almost with all the changes especially the updated player models.

  • kirox

    Good luck all!

  • alexandrovsky

    i hope i win ^^

  • Kuba Szymczyk


  • zamiren

    Looks really nice! Really need a key 😀

  • Andrew

    Looking forward to check out their new expansion, hopefully on the Beta.

  • gruffta

    Would love to win a key :)

  • Twifto

    Beta key please!

  • Thelivsnjutarn

    It’s awesome cuz it’s wow? 😛

  • Aiden Briant

    I am a veteran WoW player who would LOVE to test the game and finally get into the beta since forever.. well fingers cross :)

  • vigeth

    Time to send draenei pally at the horde and let them know what a purple hammer made of crystal tastes like.

  • René Wraae Johansen

    All i can do now is hope. :-)

  • Farid

    goog luck

  • Ryan Scattergood

    Hope I win would love to test the new expansion out!

  • Snorki

    I hope that I’ll win one Key :)))

  • Diarmund

    Most interesting feature?All! Im exited about buildings, about new raids, and comming back to Outlands once again after epix TBC expansion!

  • Seízure


  • Snowcrescent

    Awesome chance for a good beta Key!!

  • Sifra Jansen

    I need it… Badly!! And the best parts are of course the re-newed characters!!! Trolls FTW!

  • Grant Eunson

    new character models 😀

  • Symphonyqt

    I just… I fell in love when i first time saw it…

  • Hixitz

    I wanna test this out!

  • hej

    i will win

  • Ali

    Great idea…..i really wish i can try WoD in beta cuz i never did any other beta for wow

  • paladin_jack

    gib key pls, mani thankses. Also, i am interested to see to what will story unfold, and to see to what number will ilevel rise

  • Nlvez

    STAT SQUISH OP!! hope i win

  • mustfa

    give Turkey a key man i wanna stream Turkısh

  • August Cardfelt

    The new models.

  • Elith


  • Detthrok

    I hope i win one of those all keys. :3

  • whitedestiny

    Goodluck everone lets hope we all get some keys hahahaha i really would love to get one :) the best features are the garisons!!

  • PureSinZ

    Would be awesome to see every thing my self 😀

  • Carl

    I think the best feature is that theres a new story to be told and I wanna find out what will happen with the iron horde and how we’re going to defeat them! 😀

  • Henri Schreck

    New character models and garrison, really looking forward to new dungeons/raids.

  • Jevgenij Chodorskij

    New character models and new Draenor!

  • Zangëtsu

    The most awesome thing on WoD, is that we’re gonna have the stat squish and the new character models oh and ofc the new content :p

  • lolzzzqq

    I hope i win

  • Alexander Bjørngren

    I would say – the stat nerf!

  • Matti Honkanen

    Maybe this time 😉

  • spetzx

    i hope i win
    love WOW

  • No.

    I love seriously love the Garrisons as a new feature! I have waited so long!

  • Jacob Mogensen

    Nice Giveaway!

  • Tento

    Good Luck Everybody!

  • xert09

    the Garrison

  • Shane Edwards


  • Vladimir Mitić

    In my opinion toyboxes and stat squish hoping that hp pool will be like good old if not even best WotLK ! P.S Fingers crossed!

  • aresto122

    I’m very curious how it will end: D

  • Beatrice Roman

    Would love to win, fingers crossed!

  • Lenov

    Good luck everyone

  • Joe Machen

    Love to get a key 😛 looking forward to the item squish finally!

  • anton


  • Kaan

    would be nice to win one

  • Kaidd

    Good luck everyone.

  • Shane Edwards

    class changes look good

  • Alex

    It’d be awsome to get to see all the new stuff! Something to do this boring summer! :3

  • rasmus lindberg

    the entire game

  • Amichai Hadad

    Giveeee key!!! 😀

  • Gonçalo Santos

    Garrison all the way

  • johndoh

    Mr Garrison ofc!

  • Tony Hopia

    i love blizz and wowjuju i just wish to get the beta key :)

  • Dennis Theorin

    i would love more than anything to win a awesome key to wod i have been playing for years this game and i have always loved every second of playing it and when they introduced new wow i was like omg the character models looks amazing and the new zone faboulous and that is what iam looking forward to in this game

  • Doxy

    I hope to win!!

  • Varga Imre


  • James

    Would love to win

  • fredde

    all the new looks of things

  • john

    me too gl all :)

  • André Ribeiro

    Awesome :)

  • Darya Kovalova

    Would be so awesome to get one ^^

  • MonikL

    New character models!:)

  • Joel Melin

    Cool thing to do man! great job!

  • Louis Samhain Cohen

    Garrisons and Toybox !! For sure :)

  • Anders

    I would really love to win a key!

  • John Taylor


  • Michael Bækgaard

    New character models!!

  • Roox

    I would love a beta key! Would like to see what’s comming for us ^^

  • Baker


  • Mihai20

    I’m am very curious about how the stats change mechanics impact the previous contents and the lots of stuff about what’s next to come, but above all I’m eager to see the Garrison!

  • jordan watson

    fingers crossed 😀

  • littleale89


  • Peter Clapham

    Good luck all.

  • CJ van Gasteren

    keeep it going guys, lets give it a good compentation

  • Poulerik Ptp Nielsen

    i just love some of the visual changes that some of the char will be attached to..

  • Scott

    Hoping for a key

  • Richie

    Garrison… level 100, new encounters, better pvp 😀

  • Shaddic

    The garrisons and the new character models make me so pumped! Warlords of Draenor will probably be really good. 😀

  • Mikkel Pedersen

    there is nothing thats really the best. Looking forward to so many features in WoD like the garrison is gonna be really awesome and then i really like WoW lore so i’m also looking really much forward to be able to meet some of the old heros and some new storys to look forward to and participate in.. and then also just the thing about exploreing a new/old world like that is going to be really cool hahah, could go on forever!

  • Nichlas Roger Andersen

    would be fun to try

  • Vali

    wow !

  • Yaniv Haber

    the garrisons and you know it ;D

  • Katarzyna Litwińska

    I want it so bad 😀

  • Roderick Galea


  • jocemi

    I think the most interesting feature for me would be the changes to pvp

  • Bethie

    New models and healing revamp are for sure the most interesting! And oh seeing Draenor too!!

  • Daniel Johnson

    Wow, the beta looks amazing, glad to see that blizzard is finally bring the best parts of wow back and better than ever.

  • Andro

    Most interesting part for me would be the new zones, quests and garrisons.

  • dixilia


  • Maxime Brochard

    HODOR ! HODOR ! Hooooodor!!! want win a key <3

  • rc

    A key would be great

  • Wayne

    I Wanna win so bad need to know rogue changes D:

  • Terje Thomassen

    well, a friend of mine got his beta key and it will be more fun to explore the draenor with him and try out the new class changes

  • Ruben Viegas

    Time to win a key.

  • HarleyFairy

    Beta key! Beta key! Beta key!

  • Xilenth

    Ooh, I’d love me one of these… Hypehueheuheueheueheueeeee.

  • George Msu

    The Garrison is one of the new features i want to test.

  • Michal

    Want win

  • Rageboi

    Can’t wait for the Expansion, even better if I’d get the beta key!

  • Michael Bermhed


  • klasya

    i think the most interesting feature is the toybox :) finally a way to share my toys on every char 😛

  • Kettle

    Give it to me! 😀

  • Boycini

    i’m more interested in the final raid, BC had black temple, WOTLK had ICC, Cata had Dragon Soul and MOP had SoG, so it’ll be really interesting to see what that is :)

  • Espen Renström

    Would be amazing if I won 😀

  • Azor Tharion

    The item squish!

  • william

    i have played all the other expansions so i wanna play the last one to :)

  • Cerom

    I want to test WW monks so bad.

  • Thalirthwen

    I’m soo looking forward for the new character models. :33

  • Michael Taylor

    Im thinking garrison aswell just wanna be in it to win it

  • Salvation@Mannoroth

    Would really love to win a key so my guild can start doing 5 mans, im one of the few w/o one:/

  • Maureen Meijer

    Hope to win a key :)

  • Gerach

    Let’s see if its another fake or not…

  • Sulyo

    WoD Hype!! woot woot!


    Never win something! sooo i would like win guys!

  • Kalnder

    Such an awesome idea, having my fingers crossed! 😀 Im looking forward the Garrisons & the lore 😀

  • Talas

    I can’t wait for new Inscription cards. I always love making and trading them for my guild.

  • panos

    want to see how they gonna support the story line till now

  • Ness


  • Alex Munteanu

    I think the most interesting feature is the visual upgrade :)

  • Muli00

    Great contest

  • Domagoj

    WOD is gonna be awesome

  • Adam Fmp Sambol