Write for wowjuju


We received a few requests on this and to be honest it was something that we wanted to try as well, but the old website could not really allow it.

Do you want to try your hand on getting an article up on wowjuju.com? If you think you have something original to add to the website, now you can volunteer as a publisher.

What should you know?

  • First of all, this is an experiment for the moment and if everything goes well we can and will expand it based on your feedback.
  • At this time everyone will write as a volunteer. No payment is involved, at least at the beginning.
  • Please note that all these details about “Write for wowjuju” program could change anytime.
  • Even if you write an article it’s not necessarily going to be published. All the articles are going to be heavily moderated at first, especially your first ones.
  • Your first articles are going to be submitted by email, most likely, and we will take care of most of the formatting if needed.

What are we looking for?

  • We are interested especially in guides, reviews, showcases.
  • Unique content. Copying and pasting from another website wont work.
  • We are extremely open to any other kind of content though.
  • Even if we are focusing on World of Warcraft related content, we may accept any other articles as well.
  • We only accept English written articles.
  • We are not English gurus ourselves, but we expect to see some clean articles that follow our guidelines.
  • After writing something, ask yourself this: would I like reading that?
  • Just so you know, not all the submitted articles are going to be published.

Basic rules for a good article.

  • Pick a good title.
  • Have an intro, a body and a conclusion.
  • Use images.
  • Where possible: use lists, more images,  graphs/charts, link other articles, emphasize with bold and italic.
  • Credit your image sources.
  • Keep the article readable:
    • Don’t use extremely long sentences.
    • Use headings.
    • Use paragraphs properly
  • Take a look on our already published articles to see what we are looking for.

What would you get?

  • Even if this is volunteer work, you may benefit from most of the offers coming from Blizzard, like beta keys and such.
  • If your article is published, it will be promoted on all our social media pages and maybe by Blizzard as well.
  • All the rights for that articles are yours and you’ll have a cool author description where you can link back to your website and such.
  • We will teach you how to format your articles and we can help you with proofreading as well if needed.
  • We can host all the images you are going to use in your articles.

I want to write! What should I do?

First of all, please read all the details above and contact us if you want to ask something or if something isn’t clear enough. Once again, if everything suits you and you want to contribute to wowjuju.com contact us and:

  • tell us why would you write for wowjuju
  • tell us what would you write about
  • show us any other articles of yours
  • add any other details or requests you might need

Best of luck everyone. We are looking forward for seeing your contributions on the site,
Wowjuju Team.